Complete Guide to Disney for Adults 2024

Complete Guide to Disney for Adults 2024

Complete Guide to Disney for Adults 2024

This article is your ultimate guide to visiting Disney World for adults. Did you think that Disney World was only for kids and families? Well, think again! The Walt Disney Company has always prided itself on its ability to entertain. It’s no different when it comes to adults and you will find plenty of adult things to do at Disney World and see just why Disney World is worth it for adults to visit.

Take it from us! We were Florida residents for over 3 years and have found plenty to do for adults in Disney. These activities range from fine dining experiences to boozy cocktails, art festivals, private VIP tours, and more! You will find experiencing Disney World as an adult is a vacation-worthy destination for friends (without kids!) and couples. We can even say that the best Disney park for adults is EPCOT, and always recommend it for a great time. 

We hope you find this post helpful, and if you are planning an adult’s trip to Disney World be sure to check out our other FREE vacation planning tools. Our goal at The Park Prodigy has always been to help you save time and money on your next vacation. This includes helping you find the best time to buy Disney World tickets, which, ours are discounted and come with the BEST service. t

So if you’re ready for our complete guide to Disney World for adults read on! 

SPECIAL NOTE: If you’re looking for the best time to visit Disney World, check out our Disney Crowd Calendar! 

 Disney World Crowd Calendar

2024 Disney World for Adults Guide


So one of the most common questions we receive at The Park Prodigy is, is Disney World worth it for adults? And the simple answer is yes! Disney World is worth it for adults – even though you associate Disney with your childhood, at the end of the day it’s still an exciting, immersive theme park. At Disney, you’re never too old to awaken your inner child!

We find every Disney World theme park has something fun for adults to do. With how tough times have been lately, many people are chasing after the nostalgia of their childhoods too. Imagine how fun it would be to relive all the magical parts of your childhood with the added benefit of all of the fun things for adults to do in Disney! Plus, Disney has managed to upgrade older rides and create state-of-the-art new ones, creating a combination of feeling both sentimental over the old and excitement over the new.

Is Disney fun for adults?

As a Disney Adult, I can say that Disney is very fun for adults! Many of our adult vacations are planned at Disney World due to how easy it is to get around with the free transportation, incredible thrill rides, unique food options, and more! While Disney is great for kids, we think that Disney for adults can be just as fun, if not more. Disney has been doing a great job at catering to not only the younger audience but also the older kids who love to go to Disney World for vacation too!

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What is the Best Disney World Park For Adults?

Disney world for adults

As a general rule of thumb, EPCOT is the best Disney park for adults as it has some of the most thrilling rides in Walt Disney World including Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind, Test Track, and Soarin. EPCOT is also known to have some of the best restaurants on Disney property. The seasonal EPCOT festivals also offer some of the best food and drink offerings from around the globe. We love the EPCOT festivals as adults at Disney and foodies!

So, if you’re all about trying small plates of food from countries like Japan, or even purchasing a piece of fine art during the Festival of the Arts, then EPCOT is for you. That is why we have deemed it the best Disney World park for adults in 2024.

What is the best park in Disney World for adults? – Ranked

  1. EPCOT
  2. Disney’s Hollywood Studios
  3. Disney’s Animal Kingdom
  4. Magic Kingdom

Which Disney park has the best rides for adults?

If you’re going for rides that give off a more adult or “mature” vibe, EPCOT is known for its edutainment – which is showcased in its attractions. Whether you’re looking for a thrill, or if you want to learn how Disney grows its food for the on-site restaurants, we think EPCOT has the best rides for adults. Guests can save the Universe with the Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind, or learn about human communication throughout time on Spaceship Earth.

If you’re looking for thrill rides alone, then Hollywood Studios would be the best Disney park for attractions with Rise of the Resistance, Tower of Terror, Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster, and more!

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#1 – EPCOT – Best Disney Park For Adults 2024

The best Disney World park for adults is EPCOT.

This park has long been considered the best Disney park for adults. It has a wide range of adult-themed rides, restaurants, and shopping. EPCOT also hosts various festivals throughout the year geared towards adults in Disney World.

These festivals give those over the age of 21 the perfect excuse to “Drink Around the World,” if they so choose. Even if you’re not a person who likes to drink, adults in Disney World can enjoy all of the delicious foods offered during these festivals. At the very least, if you’re looking for a Disney trip with the least amount of kids, EPCOT will probably be your best park to try.

EPCOT is also home to World Showcase which includes 11 different countries from around the world:

  • Mexico
  • Norway
  • China
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • United States
  • Japan
  • Morocco
  • France
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada

This area of EPCOT is so popular because it allows guests a chance to eat and drink in each unique country. 

Alternatively, some of the best foods you have ever tried can be found at the many EPCOT Festivals held throughout the year! Each festival has its own specialty drinks, food, merchandise, and entertainment!

What are the best things to do at Disney World for adults at EPCOT?

As a Disney World adult, we can hands down say that we cannot wait every year for the EPCOT festivals. Even though we have non-drinkers and those who partake in our group, we all look forward to the unique activities in Disney for adults. During the Spring you have the International Flower and Garden Festival, which is known for topiaries and garden fresh culinary creations. In the Fall you have the International Food and Wine Festival, which is perfect for foodies. In Winter you have the International Festival of Holidays and the International Festival of the Arts!

We love both and think that if you’re second-guessing going to Disney as an adult, don’t! You will be shocked at how much fun you will have at EPCOT. Epcot is truly an Adults’ Playground!

When is the best day to visit an EPCOT festival?

And as you’ll see planning the best days to visit EPCOT can not only save you a ton of time in the theme park but it can also save you money! How you might ask? Well just like Universal Orlando, Walt Disney World theme park tickets now fluctuate based on the time of year you visit.

So as you’ll see below one of the easiest ways to pick the best days to visit EPCOT is to compare the cheapest Walt Disney World tickets. The cheaper the tickets the more likely it is that the parks won’t be as crowded during that time of year.

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#2 – Disney’s Hollywood Studios – Best Disney Park For Adults for Rides


Coming in at number two of the best Disney World theme parks for adults we have Hollywood Studios. This is the best park for Disney World rides for adults, especially if you’re a movie or pop culture fan. And with the recent addition of Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge, this park is back to being an all-day event. We find this park to be perfect for adults who are into shows just as much as rides. Whether you sing along with Elsa and Anna at the First Time in Forever Frozen Show or race to get Aerosmith to their concert on time at the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, you really can’t go wrong here!

It is also home to a few of the best restaurants in Disney World for adults (which we will cover later). And not to mention one of the most difficult reservations to grab in all of Walt Disney World is at Oga’s Cantina in Batuu (Galaxy’s Edge). This bar has quickly become a fan favorite due to its vibrant atmosphere and friendly robot patrons.

What are the best rides at Disney World for adults in Hollywood Studios?

  • Rock & Roller coaster
  • Slinky Dog Dash
  • Tower of Terror 
  • Rise of the Resistance! 

There are some of the must-do adult rides in Hollywood Studios, but if rides aren’t your thing, don’t worry! They don’t call it Hollywood Studios for anything – this park is also home to some of the best live performance shows on the property. Enjoy performances of The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and so much more!

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#3 – Animal Kingdom – Best Park for Disney World Adults Who Love Animals


Animal Kingdom came in number three when ranking the best Disney parks for adults, and it could have been two, but many people find this park to be a half-day park. While there are amazing “adult” attractions at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, there can be elements of this park that adults may want to skip. There is a whole area in Dinoland USA meant for little kids carnival-style games, which tends to attract little ones. But, Pandora offers some of the best Disney World rides for adults, like Flight of Passage, which is a favorite among all Disney fans.

We will say, that we think Animal Kingdom is still one of the best parks at Disney World for adults because of the dining. One of our favorite places to grab a cocktail and appetizers is at the Nomad Lounge which is located next to Tiffins.

If you are a huge fan of animals you will also love this park for obvious reasons. Discovery Island Trails and Gorilla Falls Exploration will allow you to visit different parts of the park surrounded by nature. If dining, bars, and trails are not enough there are plenty of rides adults will enjoy at Animal Kingdom!

What are the best Disney attractions for adults at Animal Kingdom?

  • Avatar Flight of Passage
  • Kilimanjaro Safaris
  • Expedition Everest
  • Dinosaur

No matter what you are into, there is something for everyone including amazing shows you can see while at Animal Kingdom! From personal experience, we think that Kilimanjaro Safaris is the best ride for adults at Animal Kingdom, especially if you’re an early riser. You can get the best pictures of the resident exotic animals and we love to rope-drop it! 

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#4 – Magic Kingdom – Best Park at Disney World for Adults 2024


Magic Kingdom comes in at number 4 on the list of the best Disney World parks for adults just due to the sheer amount of attractions that are geared toward children. Everything about Magic Kingdom is themed for that childhood-like nostalgia magic, which isn’t a bad thing at all! There are even some of the best attractions for adults in Magic Kingdom, depending on what you like to do. We love Magic Kingdom and riding all of the “kids” rides, but you will be dodging strollers all day.

It’s also important to note that at Magic Kingdom, you can ride the classics, like Space Mountain or Pirates of the Caribbean (both of which are probably better than you remember), as well as newer additions like Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin.

It does have some of the best dining in all Disney parks for adults, like Skipper Canteen or Liberty Tree Tavern, which is our favorite restaurant. If you’re looking for quick service, you can grab a hot dog at Casey’s Corner, or dine in Beast’s Castle at the Be Our Guest Restaurant.

Best things to do at Magic Kingdom for adults

Nostalgia Rides:

  • It’s a small world
  • Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Haunted Mansion

However, perhaps you want to take a trip on one of the adult-friendly roller coasters such as: 

  • Seven Dwarfs Mine Train
  • Space Mountain
  • Big Thunder Mountain

If rides aren’t your thing perhaps spend the day enjoying some of the unique snacks around the park. Walt Disney World is well known for having classics:

  • Dole Whip
  • Turkey legs
  • World-famous Mickey ice cream bars

The Magic Kingdom park is also full of entertainment adults would love. Some of the best things to do in Magic Kingdom for adults take place at night.  Be sure not to miss out on any of the shows in front of Cinderella Castle, the nighttime parade, and of course the fireworks. 

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What is the Best Disney Water Park for Adults?


So, now that we have covered the main theme parks what is the best Disney water park for adults? We had to go with Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon as the best Disney water park for adults with its laid-back vibe. However, this is a tough question because it all comes down to what type of mood you’re in. As you know Walt Disney World is home to two Water parks, Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach. Both Disney water parks have the same number of attractions, lazy rivers, and plenty of places to catch a drink or bite to eat. Here is what we recommend based on your taste.

Typhoon Lagoon: This is the best Disney water park for adults who are looking to relax. You can waste away the day in the lazy river or jump into the wave pool. This water park does have a decent amount of water slides but most are not as intense as at Blizzard Beach.

Blizzard Beach: This Disney water park is best for adults who are thrill-seekers. Home to some of the most exciting water slides in the world including Summit Plummet which includes a 120-foot drop.

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How Much Does Disney World Cost For Two Adults in 2024?


So, if you’re looking to plan a trip to Disney World for adults and are wondering about the price. The cost for two adults to visit Disney World in 2024 depends on how many days you go, what days you go, how many parks you visit, and what hotel you stay in. Here are some basic costs for an adult’s day in Walt Disney World:

Two-One Day Tickets to Walt Disney World: $249-$338 plus tax

Food and Wine Festival Booths: $5-$12 per item

Disney World Snacks: $4-$12 per item

Two-night stay at a Moderate Disney Resort: $400 – $1000 plus tax

A great way to cut costs without cutting the quality of your trip is to create your own Walt Disney World vacation package through The Park Prodigy. You’ll also save up to $20 per ticket and have access to exclusive discounts for Disney special events in 2024. 

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What are the Best Hotels for Adults at Disney World 2024?


The travel needs of adults are very often different from the needs of families visiting Walt Disney World. Many on-site Disney World resorts provide a ton of entertainment and amenities for adults and couples in Disney. These amenities can include top-notch restaurants, lively bars, and spas. If we’re being honest, we spend more time at the resorts than we do at the parks as Disney adults since the dining is so much better.

Trying the newest dishes, or checking out seasonal specials at hotels are among the best things for adults to do at Disney World. We even stand by that for the holidays, as we love walking around the decorated hotels and not dealing with crowds.

What are the best hotels for an adult Disney trip?

  1. Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa
  2. Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club
  3. Disney’s Riviera Resort

**Special Tip: As discussed above one of the easiest ways to make sure you’re getting the best deal on your Disney hotel is to compare the cheapest Walt Disney World tickets. The cheaper the tickets the more likely it is that the parks won’t be as crowded during that time of year and hotel rooms won’t be as expensive.

Saratoga Springs

The Disney Saratoga Springs resort is perfect for an adult Disney vacation. The main reason we listed Disney Saratoga Springs as the number one resort for adults visiting Walt Disney is its location. Its proximity to Disney Springs makes this a great destination for anyone looking to take advantage of the shops and restaurants it has to offer. Guests can easily walk or take a boat ride over to this amazing area at their convenience. This amazing resort also recently went through a room makeover and we were blown away by the new amenities at this resort.

Yacht and Beach Club

The Yacht and Beach Club is one of the best Disney World resorts for adults, and that’s not only because of how sophisticated they are, but also how great the location is. With its prime location steps away from Disney’s BoardWalk, you can easily explore a world of shops, restaurants, and entertainment. Immerse yourself in the recently enhanced resort, where nautical sophistication meets coastal charm, and indulge in luxurious amenities, including sparkling pools and exquisite dining, creating a magical and unforgettable experience. Hop on one of the Friendship Boats and head over to Hollywood Studios or EPCOT, or take a quick walk to one of the adjacent resorts for a night out.

Riviera Resort

Disney’s Riviera resort recently opened in Walt Disney World. We recently stayed at the Riviera Resort and we were blown away by this new resort. Its new hotel rooms, pool, and restaurants make it a great destination for adults in Disney World. The Riviera resort is also part of the brand-new Disney skyliner which makes it right in the middle of EPCOT and Hollywood Studios. This can make for a quick commute between parks and we do find that most adults in Disney World spend their time at EPCOT.

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Which Hotel Has the Best Pools for Adults at Disney World?


Everyone knows one of the best parts about vacation is relaxing by the pool! And that’s no different during your next Disney World vacation! Some of our favorite Walt Disney World days are the ones where our group just hangs out soaking up the sun.

You might be surprised to learn that Walt Disney World also has some of the coolest themed pools around. The best part is many hotels also have smaller pools which tend to be quieter if that’s what you prefer!

What are the best pools for an adult trip to Disney?

  • Stormalong Bay – Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club
  • Lava Pool – Disney’s Polynesian Resort
  • Beach Pool – Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort 

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What are the Best Restaurants in Disney World for Adults 2024?


Disney offers an array of dining options for adults of all ages, ranging from quick service to fun-themed dining. Walt Disney World also offers quite a few fine dining locations which can be perfect for adults and couples in Disney.

Best Disney restaurants for adults

  1. California Grill (Disney’s Contemporary Resort)
  2. Be our Guest (Magic Kingdom)
  3. Le Cellier (Canada Pavilion – EPCOT)
  4. Jiko (Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge)
  5. 50’s Prime Time Cafe (Hollywood Studios)

As discussed above if you’re simply looking for the best Disney World park with the best restaurants for adults it’s hands down EPCOT.  With over eleven countries making up the world showcase it would take you more than one trip to even enjoy all of the restaurants in this one park alone! Not to mention all of the amazing food and beverage booths that you can enjoy during all of the EPCOT festivals! 

Be sure to check out our blog post if you’re looking for more information regarding all of the best restaurants at EPCOT! 

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Where are the Best Bars and Lounges in Disney for Adults?


When people think of Walt Disney World, they probably don’t imagine bars and lounges as something to do. But you would be shocked! One of the best activities for adults in Disney World is exploring resorts and finding these hidden gems.

In our opinion, Walt Disney World has some of the coolest themed bars and lounges in the world. These bars and restaurants are spread out throughout the Disney theme parks, hotels, and Downtown Disney.

What are the best bars in Walt Disney World?

  • Jellyrolls (dueling piano bar Disney’s Boardwalk)
  • Enchanted Rose (Grand Floridian resort)
  • Nomad Lounge (Animal Kingdom)
  • La Cava Del Tequila (Mexican Pavilion – EPCOT)
  • Trader Sam’s (Disney’s Polynesian Resort)
  • Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar (Italy Pavilion – EPCOT)

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Disney Springs for Adults – Adult Things to Do at Disney World 2024


The newly renovated Disney Springs is an absolute must-see location in Disney World for Adults! When we say there’s something for everyone, we mean it. With well over 100 unique shops to browse through, you can easily make an entire afternoon shopping at the Springs. However, when the sun goes down, consider this place to be the ultimate destination in Walt Disney World for adults. From world-class dining to dancing your feet off, Disney Springs has something for every adult looking to let loose. 

As for a must-do spot, we highly recommend stopping at the House of Blues during the evening hours. The unforgettable destination packs soul food, great drinks and of course…live music! For more of a relaxing evening, check out the AMC Dine-In Theater or grab some ice cream. 

Best Disney experiences for adults in Disney Springs

  • The Boathouse Amphicar Tour
  • Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar
  • Disney Springs live entertainment
  • Raglan Road
  • Happy Hour …. everywhere! Many Disney Springs restaurants offer happy hour!

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Which Disney Park has the Best Rides for Adults?


We find, Hollywood Studios to have the best rides for adults as they are the more thrilling rides on property. It’s also home to Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge. However, as with so many people, this is really a question of preference. Although Universal Studios has always received the reputation for having some of the most thrilling rides for adults, we feel Disney has done a great job over the years of creating unique attractions fans of all ages will love.  Below is our list of the best rides at Walt Disney World for adults:

What the Disney World best rides for adults 2024?

    1. Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster
    2. Avatar Flight of Passage
    3. Star Wars Rise of the Resistance (#1 for any star wars fans)
    4. Expedition Everest – Legend of the Forbidden Mountain
    5. Test Track
    6. Soarin’
    7. Space Mountain
    8. Splash Mountain
    9. Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run
    10. Splash Mountain

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Is Disney or Universal Better For Adults?


In general we do find Universal Orlando to be the best park for adults looking for thrill rides compared to Disney. However on the flip side we would say that Disney World is the better destination for adults who are looking for a mix of great rides, fine dining, as well as fantastic parades and fireworks. Very simply Disney and Universal are just two different vibes. Although both are a ton of fun it really all depends what you are looking to get out of your adults only trip!

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Tips and Tricks for Adults Only Disney World Trips

The truth is, I feel like I know a thing or two about the best way to visit Walt Disney World as an adult! After all, I didn’t just wake up one day and decide “hey, I want to sell Disney world tickets for a living” I have been visiting Walt Disney World for as long as I can remember and now I am unapologetically a childless millennial who still visits.

In fact, my closest friends and I have taken an annual trip to Walt Disney World for the past 13 years in a row! Many of them were not die-hard Disney fans like me in the beginning, but man has that changed. It’s all we talk about now and we all can’t wait to continue to bring our families in the next few years!

Best tips and tricks for Walt Disney World for adults:

Booking and planning a Disney trip for adults is completely different from visiting with young children. For starters, you are going to be able to get so much more done and move at a different pace!

  • Visit off-peak, like when kids are in school! The crowds will be smaller overall in the fall and winter since kids will be in school!
  • Skip Magic Kingdom – Most attractions at Magic Kingdom are kid friendly, and you can only get an alcoholic beverage at a sit-down restaurant.
  • Plan out your restaurants and bars – Disney restaurants can sometimes book out far ahead, and there is nothing worse than running around looking for an available walk-up list. Book 60 days in advance.
  • Splurge for a dessert party – Since they are a ticket on top of your admission, it tends to be expensive and you get a reserved spot to watch the fireworks with plenty of space. It is much better than getting blocked or squished while waiting.

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Disney World Itinerary for Adults 2024


There are so many different ways you can plan the perfect adult trip to Walt Disney World! However here are a few of our favorite trips we have planned over the years!

runDisney Weekend at Walt Disney World

RunDisney has quickly become one of our favorite events held throughout the year, and it’s the perfect reason to plan your next Adult’s trip to Walt Disney World. Guests can participate in amazing races held throughout Walt Disney World including a 5K Disney World race, all the way up to a half marathon and Marathon.

RunDisney is truly an amazing community and such a fun way for adults visiting Disney World to combine their love for fitness and an amazingly fun vacation! The RunDisney food and wine half marathon is even held during the popular food and wine festival at EPCOT, to make for an extremely fun weekend!

Disney World Birthday Ideas for Adults

Another great way to enjoy an adults trip to Walt Disney World is to plan around a birthday celebration. Disney has a ton of ways you can celebrate your birthday that you won’t find anywhere else. These include spending the days in the Disney parks, enjoying a relaxing spa day at one of the hotels, checking out of of the themed restaurants and so much more! For more ideas on how to celebrate at Disney be sure to check out our complete guide to Disney World birthdays! 

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Disney World for Adults 2024 FAQ


Q: Is Animal Kingdom fun for Adults?

A: Another very popular question we receive is, is Animal Kingdom fun for adults? And as a general rule of thumb, Animal Kingdom is a fun Disney park for adults. One of the main reasons is it has a great mix between fun rides and live entertainment with the most popular being Avatar Flight of Passage, The Lion King, and Kilimanjaro’s Safari.

Q: Is Magic Kingdom for adults?

A: Another common question we receive is, is Magic Kingdom for adults? And we do find Magic Kingdom to be a great option for adults visiting Walt Disney World. Now although Magic Kingdom does not have as many thrill rides as some of the other Walt Disney World theme parks it is also another park with a great mix of rides and live entertainment. Many of the rides at Magic Kingdom will make adults feel nostalgic about trips that they might have taken when they were younger. We also find Magic Kingdom to be the best park for adults looking for live entertainment such as fireworks and live parades.

Q: Which Disney park is best for adults?

A: As Disney adults, we think that the best park for Disney adults is EPCOT. There is always something new and exciting to do with the festivals, and we just love the attractions. The World Showcase is also full of history, with little museums and restaurants from around the globe.

Q: Is Magic Kingdom worth it for adults?

A: While it is last on our list for best Disney park for adults, that doesn’t mean it is bad! There are so many attractions to ride, the most out of any other park, and incredible dining. If you love Disney magic, you cannot go wrong with how nostalgic Magic Kingdom is.

Q: Which Disney park has the most rides for adults?

A: Almost all of the attractions at Hollywood Studios are perfect adults, even the Toy Story ones, which are exciting and engaging. There are a ton of thrill rides, and plenty of places to find a drink or two while doing so. You can tackle Star Wars, Tower of Terror and ride on the back of Slinky Dog!

Q: Is EPCOT fun for adults?

A: Yes, it is and, in fact, it is our favorite park as Disney adults. We think that the attractions, seasonal festivals, restaurants and overall vibes are perfect for adults going to Disney! EPCOT is a park we can find ourselves in for 12+ hours as adults enjoying the many activities throughout.

When is The Best Time to Visit Disney World?

Our Disney  World Crowd Calendar is the best tool to help you get the most out of your time in the parks. We break down park crowds, park hours of operation, ticket prices, and average temperature. We also break down the best time to visit Disney World based on specific times of the year and special events.

Are You Ready to Plan Your Next Disney World Trip?

Are you planning a trip to Walt Disney World? Be sure to speak with a Disney World Travel Agent for the most recent deals and promotions. The Park Prodigy will provide a Free Quote for all Disney World Vacation Packages. The Park Prodigy can also help you save up to $20 per ticket when purchasing your Walt Disney World Tickets, and we offer promotional discounts for special events such as Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party Tickets and Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party Tickets.

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