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And that’s it! We’ll do the hard work and continue to check to see if a reservation becomes available. We will then send you a message via email or text as soon as it does with a link to the Disney World dinning website where you can quickly make your reservation. It’s very important that you complete the last step as our system cannot make the Disney dining reservation for you.

We have found consistency is key when trying to find a Disney dining reservation and that’s why we’ll do the checking for you. Not only that, but this Disney dining tool is absolutely FREE! 

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Can you guarantee that I’ll grab my Disney dining reservation?

Unfortunately, The Park Prodigy cannot guarantee that a reservation will become available or how long a reservation will remain available once we send your notification via text or email. If you do find that the Disney dinning reservation is already booked by the time to access the Disney World dinning link you can always click the refresh button to have our system start a new search for your reservation.

Can you book my Disney dining reservation for me?

Unfortunately not, the Disney dinning reservation system does not allow The Park Prodigy to make reservations on our clients behalf. We can only do the hard part of looking for you and send you a notification immediately after a reservation becomes available. You will still need to log in and book your reservation using your My Disney Experience account.

How often will you send me alerts?

The Park Prodigy will only email or text you immediately after your Disney dining reservation becomes available the first time. If you are unsuccessful in grabbing your reservation the first time, you can easily click the refresh button to have our system start to look for your Disney dinning reservation again.

Is The Park Prodigy affiliated with The Walt Disney Company?

The Park Prodigy is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by The Walt Disney Company or Walt Disney World. Any use of third-party names or trademarks is for identification purposes only and does not imply, nor is it intended to imply, any affiliation with, endorsement from, or business relationship with any third party, including the Walt Disney Company and Walt Disney World.