Complete Guide to the Jurassic World VelociCoaster at Universal Orlando Resort

Complete Guide to the Jurassic World VelociCoaster at Universal Orlando Resort

This article is your complete guide to VelociCoaster at Universal Orlando Resort. Prepare for the hunt, because on this new coaster at Universal Orlando, you’re on the menu! Not for the faint of heart, Jurassic World VelociCoaster opened in the summer of 2021 and has been giving Universal guests the ultimate thrill since. This Jurassic World roller coaster is one of Universal’s most thrilling rides to date and we can’t wait to share all of the details on this prehistoric attraction.

If you want to learn more about VelociCoaster, read on!

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Universal Studios VelociCoaster 2022


Have you ever been on a ride where velociraptors chase you? Two high speed launches? Or even a 360 degree barrel roll over open water? We didn’t think so, and that’s why we’re so excited to tell you all about the Universal Orlando VelociCoaster. The Jurassic World VelociCoaster is a high-speed, thrilling roller coaster unlike any other in Universal Orlando. Rightfully named as an immersive launch coaster, guests can experience from start to finish an attraction unlike any other into the Jurassic World Universe. This velociraptor ride at Universal is the tallest and fastest launch coaster in Florida and has been enticing guests from all over the globe to experience the fear. But before we dive into some cool facts about the newest roller coaster in Universal Orlando let’s go over how you can ride this rollercoaster!

How to ride the Universal VelociCoaster?

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Where is VelociCoaster Located?


So now let’s get back to basics and we will start with, where is the VelociCoaster? And you can find this incredible VelociCoaster roller coaster at Universal Orlando Resort in Orlando, FL. To be more specific, the VelociCoaster is at Islands of Adventure, which is one of two theme parks at Universal. Once inside of Islands of Adventure, you have to make your way to Jurassic Park, which is about as far back as you can get! 

If you enter Islands of Adventure and head to the left, you need to pass through Marvel Superhero Island and Toon Lagoon to reach VelociCoaster. If you head to the right, you’ll need to pass through Seuss Landing, The Lost Continent and Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Hogsmeade Village to reach it. Either way you choose, you cannot miss it as VelociCoaster is set beautifully over the lagoon right in the center of the park.

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What is the Height Requirement for VelociCoaster?

This is a rather intense velociraptor ride and there are some requirements that need to be met before guests join the chase. As always, since the Jurassic World VelociCoaster is a very thrilling experience, you should check with your doctor if you have any health concerns. Guests with injuries, heart problems or other health issues may be advised not to ride. Make sure to check all Universal advisory signs before you enter the queue!

What is the VelociCoaster height requirement?

  • Minimum height – 51″ (130 cm)

What is the VelociCoaster weight limit?

  • There is technically no weight limit on any Universal Orlando ride, but the ride can accommodate guests with a waistline under 40″. Most rides have a test seat at the entrance where you can make sure that the ride can securely fasten.

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What is the Velociraptor Coaster Theme?


Of course, any great attraction comes along with an immersive story, and VelociCoaster has one filled with some of our Jurassic World favorites like Owen Grady, Dr. Henry Wu and Claire Dearing. When waiting the queue Claire Dearing explains that the Jurassic World VelociCoaster was created to expand their carnivore experiences by allowing guests to ride through their enclosure. Most of the story is told on screens by Jurassic World characters, but mainly, this ride is all about raptors and having an up and close encounter with them.

Throughout the VelociCoaster queue, you get most of the story, so if you are using Express Pass or Single Riders Line, you might miss out on some theming.

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What is the VelociCoaster Universal Queue Experience?


The Velocicoaster queue is one of the most captivating ride queues with incredible animatronic and Jurassic World details that are truly mind blowing. Our favorite thing about the Jurassic World VelociCoaster queue is that it is mostly indoors, which means getting out of the Florida heat and is a major plus in our book.

Once you enter the building and wrap around the first couple of turnstiles, you will see the iconic raptor sculpture set in the center of the room. In the next room, you get a sneak preview of one of the high-speed launches with projections of raptors chasing after the train. Dr. Wu then takes the stage in the next room where he explains the history of the raptor paddock and that super important safety information about VelociCoaster. It is also in this room that you can find artifacts displayed from the original Jurassic Park films.

Are there velociraptors in the queue?

Yes! They are arguably the best part of the VelociCoaster queue and definitely the best part to have your camera out. After leaving the room with Dr. Wu you are brought to the raptor stables, where you can an up close encounter with muzzled velociraptors. While these are animatronics, they happen to be the most lifelike and realistic ones we’ve ever seen. The velociraptors actually flare their noses, breath and move their eyes making you feel like you are face to face with one of the world’s most fierce hunters.

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How to Ride The VelociCoaster Early?


Another common question we receive is, how can I ride the VelociCoaster with early park admission? And, all guests who purchase their discount Universal Orlando theme park tickets through will receive early park admission to the VelociCoaster. This will allow you to get on the newest Universal Orlando ride before other guests are even in the park, and this can save you a ton of time by avoiding longer lines later in the day.

What time is the VelociCoaster early access?

  • Exactly one hour before regular park opening

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What is the Universal VelociCoaster Ride Experience Like?


So we are finally here, the VelociCoaster ride experience, let the hunt begin! Once you pass through the locker area, you are given a final briefing from Claire Dearing and Owen Grady as Owen warns you one last time how dangerous it is riding beside these predators. You are then filed to the actual train and are directed by a team member to your row. 

What is the VelociCoaster seating like?

Another common question we receive is, what is the VelociCoaster seating like? And when you enter the loading area, you will see a roller coaster train with 6 cars that hold in total 24 guests. VelociCoaster riders sit two by two in seats with just a lap bar. There are no over the shoulder restraints, even though the lap bar is pulled down overhead.

VelociCoaster Ride Experience

Once you are safely fastened in your seat, the adventure begins and you are immediately transported to the raptor paddock ready for extreme thrills. On either side of your VelociCoaster train car, you will see eager raptors clawing and growling at their cages ready to attack. In what seems like a moments notice, you are then sent from 0 to 50 in 2 seconds out into raptor enclosure.

From there Jurassic World VelociCoaster roars through the raptor paddock with dive loops, 360 degree barrel rolls over water and even a 100 foot zero-gravity inverted stall. Our absolute favorite, and what feels like the most terrifying part of VelociCoaster is the 40 mph to 70 mph second launch that sends you 155 feet into the air to climb over a top hat hill. While you’re moving incredibly fast, it is hard to catch the amazing details like velociraptors hunting you on the tops of the terrain, but they are there.

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Are there lockers for VelociCoaster at Universal Studios?

The lockers at Jurassic World VelociCoaster are one of our favorites because they are built into the queue. If you are a frequent visitor of Universal Orlando, you know that most of their thrill rides do not allow riders to have any loose articles on them. For that reason, all guests are asked to remove all bags, glasses or other loose items that can be thrown from the vehicle.

That is especially true for rider’s cellphones. All guests are subjected to go through a metal detector to make sure you have absolutely nothing hiding in your pockets or under your clothing. VelociCoaster is an extreme ride and can be very dangerous to guests riding and spectating if something were to become airborne out of your pocket.

How to use the VelociCoaster lockers?

Universal Orlando Resort is one of the top notch theme parks in keeping their guests safe by providing free locker rentals during rides that don’t allow loose articles. In Universal’s VelociCoaster, all guests are shuffled through the lockers right before the ride loading zone and asked to store items. Using your park ticket or annual pass, you can scan the back of it where a locker will open and allow you to safely store your items. At the end of the ride, you will have to scan the same exact ticket to retrieve these items.

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Tips and Tricks for Riding the Universal Studios Orlando VelociCoaster

Now that we know all that there is to know about VelociCoaster at Universal Studios, it is time to share some of our best tips and tricks to make sure you have the absolute best time.

Use Early Park Admission

The best part about VelociCoaster is that it is typically offered during Early Park Admission at Universal Orlando. That means, guests with Early Park Admission can enter the parks one hour before the scheduled opening time. All guests who purchase tickets through The Park Prodigy get Early Park Admission, meaning you can get on VelociCoaster before regular ticketed guests. If you plan your Early Park Admission just right, you can nearly walk on the popular new roller coaster at Universal within minutes!

Back row vs Front Row

While there is a separate queue for front row riders, we honestly believe that the back row has a better experience. Riders in the front of the train sometimes miss out on the theming, especially right in the beginning right before the launch sequence. The wait for the front row can add on an extra 15 – 20 minutes, since team members do send guests to a different queue.

Use Single Rider

Single Rider lines can save massive amounts of time when it comes to riding thrill rides at Universal Orlando. Lucky for us, the Universal VelociCoaster offers a Single Rider line and it is amazing on the busier days to skip most of the main queue and hop on the ride quickly.

It is important to know that Single Rider isn’t always the best option and can take just as long as the regular queue. There is a separate locker area and a separate entrance for those in the Single Rider line, so you will miss most of the queue theming.

Don’t bring loose articles on the ride!

Like mentioned above, you cannot bring anything onto the ride that isn’t attached to you. You will be passed through a metal detector, and asked to store all items in your locker. If you do not have have a physical ticket and are using your cell phone as your pass, make sure to grab a locker pass from a team member working in the locker area. You will not be allowed to keep your phone on you to reopen your locker after the ride.

Universal Orlando VelociCoaster FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: VelociCoaster Universal Orlando opening date?

June 10th, 2021

Q: Is VelociCoaster included with Express Pass Tickets?

No, VelociCoaster is one of three rides not offered with the Express Pass Ticket.

Q: Can I ride VelociCoaster during Early Park Admission?

Yes, during the days that Islands of Adventure is offering Early Park Admission, guests can head to VelociCoaster and experience the attraction before park open.

Q: How fast is the VelociCoaster?

The very first launch, right out of the raptor paddock accelerates guests from 0 to 50 in 2 seconds.

The VelociCoaster max speed is 70 mph, which happens in 2.4 seconds in the second high speed launch. 

Q: How tall is VelociCoaster at Universal Orlando?

The VelociCoaster height climbs to a 155 foot tall top hat.

Q: What is the VelociCoaster drop height?

VelociCoaster drop height is 140 feet at an 80 degree angle.

Q: How long is the VelociCoaster?

The VelociCoaster track is 4,700 feet long and is around 2 minutes of total ride time.

Q: Does VelociCoaster go upside down?

There are four inversions on the Universal VelociCoaster. The VelociCoaster inversions such as a 360 degree barrel roll, dive loops and even a 100-foot long zero-gravity inverted stall, which is where guests are held upside down for 100 feet.  

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