Complete Guide to the 2024 Best Disney Moderate Resorts

Complete Guide to the 2024 Best Disney Moderate Resorts


Complete Guide to the 2024 Best Disney Moderate Resorts

This is your complete guide to the 2024 best moderate Disney resorts! Walt Disney World currently offers 25 different resort options separated into three different categories: Value, Moderate, and Deluxe. Disney moderate resorts are mid-level resorts and offer better amenities than value resorts, while still being within a reasonable budget for most families. Disney moderate hotels tend to be a popular choice because they can appeal to all types of guests. Being mid-range hotels, Disney’s moderate resorts tend to blend the positives of both value and deluxe resorts. Both families with young kids and childless adults will enjoy the stylish Disney theming, offering of amenities, and overall affordability of these Disney World moderate resorts!

As Passholders, we’ve stayed at every single Disney World moderate resort and have insight into which is truly the best!

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If you want to find out how the Disney World moderate resorts ranked, read on!

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2024 Best Disney World Moderate Resorts Overview


Before we start our ranking of the 2024 best Disney moderate resorts, we should discuss what exactly makes a resort fall within the moderate category. There are three different Disney resort levels. These levels are most determined by price, amenity variety, convenience, and theming. Walt Disney World currently offers 5 different options for moderate-level resorts. While our vote for best Disney moderate resort goes to the Port Orleans – French Quarter, there is so much to love about all of them! Hence why we are going to rank them all for you here.

As we go through our Disney World moderate resort ranks, we will take into consideration price, theming, transportation, rooms and space, amenities, and dining.

What are the moderate resorts at Disney World 2024?

  • Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort
  • Coronado Springs Resort
  • The Cabins at Disney’s Fort Wilderness
  • Port Orleans Resort – Riverside
  • Port Orleans Resort – French Quarter

What are the Disney moderate resorts ranked?

  • #5 – The Cabins at Fort Wilderness
  • #4- Coronado Springs
  • #3 – Caribbean Beach Resort
  • #2 – Port Orleans – Riverside
  • #1 – Port Orleans – French Quarter

Since we’ve spent quite a bit of time at the following resorts, we thought we would share our Disney moderate resort rankings. Please note that any of of these Disney resorts are great choices for your Walt Disney World vacation and experiences differ from stay to stay. To come up with our rankings, we compared the above categories, such as transportation, price, theming, and so on to compile this list! Next, let’s do an overview of Disney World moderate resorts ranked. 

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Best Moderate Disney World Resorts Ranked 2024

#5 – The Cabins at Fort Wilderness – Best Moderate Disney Resort for Families


Starting Rates: $543 a night

Dining options: Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Review, Trail’s End, Meadow Snack Bar, Crockett’s Tavern, & The Chuck Wagon

Recreation: Golf cart rentals, Fishing, 2 pools, Chip and Dales Campfire Sing-along, Movies Under the Stars, Fort Wilderness Archery Experience, Tri-Circle D Ranch, Horse Drawn Excursion, Pony Rides, Wagon Rides, Canoe Rentals, Bike Rentals, Basketball Courts, Volleyball, Jogging Trails, Play Grounds, Arcades,

Transportation: Disney Bus Service & Water Taxi

Important to know: The Cabins at Fort Wilderness create a very unique camping experience allowing you and 5 other guests to share a large cabin in the woods! This experience is rustic, and outdoorsy while hiding the fact that Magic Kingdom is right around the corner from it. This resort covers over 700 acres of land, with 409 fully-furnished cabins. The Cabins at Fort Wilderness layout comes with full kitchens, flat-screen TVs, and plenty of space. The only reason this resort ranks in at #5, is that we believe it should be in a different resort category!

Pro Tip! – We think is the best choice for moderate resorts at Disney for families, and we recommend booking them here if you need extra space.

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#4 – Coronado Springs – Best Moderate Disney Resort for Adults


Starting Rate$250 per night

Dining options: Barcelona Lounge, Cafe Rix, Dahlia Lounge, El Mercado de Coronado, Laguna Bar, Maya Grill, Rix Sports Bar and Grill, Siestas Cantina, Three Bridges Bar and Grill at Villa del Lago, & Toledo – Tapas, Steak and Seafood.

Recreation: La Vida Health Club, Lost City of Cibola Pool (Huge Mayan pyramid replica) Main Pool, The largest hot tub at Walt Disney World, 3 Smaller Pools, Children’s pool, Volleyball Court, Arcade, and walking trails.

Transportation: Disney Bus Service

Important to know: Coronado Springs comes in as number 4 of Disney moderate resorts on our ranking list. Coronado Springs feels like it would appeal to those who are looking for a more subtle Disney trip. With an upscale vibe, where plenty of business conferences are held. The resort has a unique Spanish, Mexican, and American Southwest theme with familiar faces, like Panchito and Jose from the Three Caballeros. It is a massive resort with 1,917 rooms and suites dispersed in three separate villages, along with the Grand Destino Tower, which holds 545 rooms. All of these beautiful buildings are places around a 15-acre lake, Lago Dorado. The Grand Destino Tower is absolutely beautiful and would be perfect for a romantic getaway for a Disney couple looking to save money with a moderate Disney resort.

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#3 – Caribbean Beach Resort – Best Disney Moderate Resort for Recreation


Starting Rate$258 per night

Dining options: Banana Cabana, Centertown Market, Sebastian’s Bistro, & Spyglass Grill.

Amenities: 6 pools – Various quiet and one main, Fuentes de Morro with a pirate ship splash pad, Jogging trail, Volleyball, Fishing excursions, Bike rentals, Barefoot Bay – a 45-acre lake with plenty of beachside chairs for sunning, & Caribbean Cay – tropical oasis perfect for picnics, swinging, play areas and walking.

Recreation: 6 pools, campfire activities, Movies under the stars, Fishing, Volleyball, Jogging trails, and a playground.

Transportation: The Caribbean Resort in Disney World lies directly between Hollywood Studios and EPCOT and is within walking distance of the Riviera resort. This is one of the Disney moderate resorts that are on the Skyliner route, which makes it also one of the best Disney moderate resorts for transportation.

Important to Know: Disney’s Caribbean Resort comes in as number three for our ranking but could be argued to be the best Disney moderate hotels. Theming of the Caribbean resort in Disney is extensive and immersive, where you can be placed in one of six villages: Aruba, Jamaica, Barbados, Martinique, Trinidad North, and Trinidad South. The buildings are colorful and have a scheme that makes you feel like you’re walking through old Caribbean architecture. Some of the recreation amenities have an old Spanish influence, bringing together the total theme. Kids also love this resort, so if you have little ones, Caribbean Beach will be the most “Disney” feeling for the family.

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#2 – Port Orleans – Riverside – Best Moderate Disney Resort for Couples


Starting Rate: $278 per night

Dining options: Boatwright’s Dining Hall, Riverside Mill Food Court, River Roost Bar Lounge, Muddy Rivers bar

Recreation: 6 pools in addition to a kiddie pool and hot tub, Fishing excursions, A Fishin’ Hole, Bike rentals, Boat rentals, Movies under the stars, Campfires on de’ Bayou, Horse-drawn carriage excursions, Surrey Bike rentals, Playgrounds, & Arcades.

Transportation: Water Taxi & Disney Bus Service

Important to know: When choosing Disney Port Orleans Riverside vs Caribbean Beach Resort, we had to go with the former due to the overall quality of the resort. When staying in this huge resort, you will either be placed in Magnolia Bend or Alligator Bayou. Both areas combined have 2,048 rooms placed along the sprawling 200 acres of land this resort boasts. The beauty of the grounds is one of the largest reasons this resort ranks so highly for us. There are blooming magnolia trees, rose bushes, giant oaks, impressive azaleas, and more. The abundance of unique amenities is one of the reasons Riverside is one of our favorite Disney moderate resorts.

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#1 – Port Orleans – French Quarter – Best Disney World Moderate Resort Overall


Starting Rates: Starting at $278

Dining Options: Sassagoula Floatworks and Food Factory, Scat Cat’s Club, Mardi Grogs bar

Recreation: Huge pool complex with multiple slides, hot tub, and kids splash area, Arcade, Movies Under the Stars, Paved walking trail, Bike Rentals, Cajun Campfire, Surrey bike rentals, horse-drawn carriage rides, South quarter games.

Transportation: Water Taxi & Disney Bus Service

Important to know: Last but not least, we are our number one choice for Disney moderate hotels ranking! If you are a Disney foodie, you will love Disney Modest Resort, as it is some of our favorite food on property! This smaller, intimate resort is gorgeous and tranquil with some of the best theming in all of Walt Disney World. But hands down the food is one of the many reasons why French Quarter the 2024 best moderate resorts Disney! We love that it is one of the smaller moderate Disney resorts, which is easier for families, has incredible entertainment and recreation, and more! This best moderate Disney resort 2023 has stolen our hearts on all fronts and love visiting every chance we get!

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What is the 2024 Disney Moderate Resort Price?


Disney moderate resort pricing at the low end, starts at about $250 per night. At peak times during the year, like Halloween or Christmas, a Disney moderate hotel could cost upward of $500 per night. While the pricing may seem expensive, comparatively, $300 a night for a Disney resort is average, and is perfect for a mid-range Disney resort.

The most you pay for any Disney moderate resort will be at The Cabins at Disney’s Fort Wilderness. The price range is from about $500 – $800 per night depending on the time of year. The price is also so much higher because the cabins can sleep up to 6 guests, come with a fully-equipped kitchen, and are very large. They make you feel like you’re in the backwoods of a charming mountain town and have become increasingly popular over the years.

The cheapest moderate resort at Disney in 2023 is going to be Coronado Springs, which usually starts at $280 a night. Caribbean Beach Resort would be a close second for the cheapest moderate Disney resort, with rooms starting at around $300.

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Which Moderate Disney Resort has the Best Transportation 2024?

Disney Caribbean Beach Resort is among the best moderate resorts Disney World has when it comes to transportation. Guests will have access to Disney buses and the Disney Skyliner, which is our favorite mode of transportation.

Each best moderate resort at Disney World offers its transportation system to and from the Disney parks. Bus transportation

  • Water boat taxis
  • Skyliner

Every single moderate resort has a bus transportation option, which is Disney’s largest transportation system while getting around. Our favorite part of Disney moderate resorts is that most of them have more than one stop, making sure convenience is key when trying to get into a park.

Disney Moderate Resort Transportation 2024

  • Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort – Skyliner, Bus
  • Port Orleans – French Quarter – Bus, water boat taxi
  • Port Orleans – Riverside – Bus, water boat taxi
  • Coronado Springs – Bus
  • Cabins at Fort Wilderness – Water boat taxi, bus

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Best Disney Moderate Resort Rooms and Space


Disney moderate resorts are wonderful for guests who are looking to escape and feel like you’re in your own little world while inside Walt Disney World. For the most part, these resorts are sprawling with plenty of walking and relaxation space to get lost in. This can become important for guests who are looking to step away from the park life for a few days and enjoy the resort.

All Disney moderate hotels are accessible by outdoor hallways instead of indoor corridors, which is nice for recreation access. For rooms, it will be easier to understand if we use comparisons with other Disney resorts.

Disney Moderate vs Value Resorts Rooms

Overall, the largest step up from a value resort room is the size. Moderate resort rooms are larger by at least 50 sq. feet, which is nice with a larger party. The sheer amount of guests allowed in each room is also higher. Where most value resorts only allow 4 guests per room, almost all Moderate resorts allow 5 guests. Moderate Disney resort rooms are all updated, and sleek, unlike some  Value resorts that can be worn out and outdated.

Moderate vs Deluxe Disney Resorts 2024

One of the largest differences in rooms, when it comes to Moderate vs Deluxe Disney resorts, was the size and offerings of rooms. While standard sizes of rooms barely differ, some deluxe resort rooms offer multiple bedrooms, some in-room laundry, and even a kitchen. While The Cabins at Fort Wilderness do offer some of these amenities, you have more choices when it comes to deluxe resorts.

If you’re looking for the best moderate Disney resort in terms of space, the Fort Wilderness Cabins have almost double the space of the standard rooms at the other moderate hotels. It is important to know that they are the most expensive moderate Disney hotel to book with

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Best Disney Moderate Resort Conclusion


Port Orleans – French Quarter

  • French Quarter comes in at number one as the best moderate Disney Resort for many reasons. We love the intimacy of the resort, with more exclusive rooms and the top-to-bottom theming. With the wonderful perks, like beignets, a sea-serpent-shaped slide, and unique Mousekeeping techniques (Mickey Shaped Mardi Gras beads), we love this resort. The overall feel is just so different from any other resort, especially if you’re an adult and looking for incredible Disney storytelling.

As compared to other Disney moderate resorts, you may lose out on some aspects for kids, but that is also why we love French Quarter. It is sophisticated at a moderate price, with incredible Imagineering that will transport you to the historical real-life French Quarter.

It may not be the best moderate Disney resort for transportation, but there are plenty of busses running throughout the day to get you into the theme parks. There is also the special Sassagoula river boat that will transport you to Disney Springs to enjoy the various offerings there. We love that if you’re looking for a sit-down restaurant, you can walk right over to Riverside and enjoy a night by candlelight!

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Moderate Resorts at Disney 2024 FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the moderate resorts at Disney World?

A: The Disney World moderate resorts are:

Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort
Coronado Springs Resort
The Cabins at Disney’s Fort Wilderness
Port Orleans Resort – Riverside
Port Orleans Resort – French Quarter

Q: Is Coronado Springs a moderate resort in Disney?

A: Yes, Coronado Springs is a moderate Walt Disney World and is considered mid-level.

Q: How much is parking at a moderate Disney resort?

  • Beginning the evening of January 10, 2023, overnight self-parking is complimentary to Guests staying at Disney Resort hotels at Walt Disney World Resort.

Q: What is the best moderate Disney resort?

A: The best moderate resort at Disney World is Port Orleans – French Quarter. We that overall it has the best dining, rooms and recreation options for guests staying on property.

Q: Is Disney Riviera a moderate or deluxe?

A: The Disney Riviera is considered a deluxe. Disney Vacation Club Resort. It is in Disney’s highest tier of hotels and is priced as one of the most expensive hotels in Disney World.

Q: What is the closest moderate resort to EPCOT?

The closest moderate resort to EPCOT would be Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort. It is only a few Skyliner stops away, and so close that you can hear the EPCOT nighttime spectacular fireworks in the Caribbean Beach Resort pools.

When is The Best Time to Visit Disney World?

Our Disney  World Crowd Calendar is the best tool to help you get the most out of your time in the parks. We break down park crowds, park hours of operation, ticket prices, and average temperature. We also break down the best time to visit Disney World based on specific times of the year and special events.

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