The Complete Guide to the 2024 Disney World Monorail

The Complete Guide to the 2024 Disney World Monorail


The Complete Guide to the 2024 Disney World Monorail

This article is your complete guide to the 2024 Disney Monorail and all of the resorts it connects! Because we all know Disney World is full of unique and efficient ways to get to their parks and resorts. One of the most common and classic ways to get around is by using the Disney Monorail System.

So if you’re ready to learn about all of the Disney monorail stops read on!

SPECIAL NOTE: If you need help picking the best time to visit Disney World for your next vacation be sure to check out our Disney crowd calendar!

 Disney World Crowd Calendar

What is the Walt Disney World Monorail?


The Walt Disney World monorail is one of the most iconic transportation options you can ride while visiting Disney World. The monorail at Disney is a public transport monorail system that currently operates twelve different monorail trains on three different lines of service. Guests feel like they’re gliding along the sky when they are on the Disney Monorail, all while knowing they’re safe and getting from one place to another with ease.

You’ll be looking over and going into some of Disney’s most well-known resorts as well as the parks, leaving you with so many destinations to make your vacation travels a breeze, all while feeling the excitement of seeing the parks from a whole new level.

The Walt Disney World monorail system connects two of Walt Disney World’s theme parks the Magic Kingdom and EPCOT as well as some of Walt Disney World’s most popular on-site Disney resorts.

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Where Does the Disney Monorail Go?

If you’re trying to decide where to stay when visiting Walt Disney World, you might be curious as to where exactly you can use it. Unfortunately, the Disney World monorails only run to 3 different resort hotels and two of the Disney World theme parks. With that being said, it is one of the biggest perks of staying at a Magic Kingdom resort, because the Disney hotels on the monorail have some of the easiest access to the park.

What are the 2024 Disney monorail routes?

  • Ticket Transportation Center to Magic Kingdom Park
  • Magic Kingdom to EPCOT
  • Magic Kingdom to Disney Resort Hotels

What are the Disney monorail stops?

  • Ticket and Transportation System (parking lot)
  • Disney’s Magic Kingdom
  • Disney’s EPCOT
  • Grand Floridian Resort
  • Polynesian Resort
  • Disney’s Contemporary

Which Disney parks are connected by monorail?

There are two Disney World parks connected by the monorail, and that is EPCOT and Magic Kingdom. Guests can catch a ride to EPCOT by monorail at the Transportation and Ticketing Center at Magic Kingdom. There is also a return station to the Magic Kingdom at EPCOT, too!

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How to take the Disney Monorail From EPCOT to Magic Kingdom


The main two Walt Disney World theme parks connected to the Disney monorail system are the Magic Kingdom Park and EPCOT. Guests will have the option to ride from the ticket and transportation center over to the Magic Kingdom park using the monorail. Guests looking to take advantage of their Disney park hopping tickets can also take the monorail from the Magic Kingdom to EPCOT as well as the monorail from EPCOT to the Magic Kingdom.

How long does the monorail take from EPCOT to Magic Kingdom?

The ride from EPCOT to Magic Kingdom on the Walt Disney World monorail takes at longest 20 minutes and the shortest, around 10 minutes.

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What are the Disney Hotels on Monorail 2024?


There are three hotels in Walt Disney World connected to the Disney monorail.

The Resort Monorail is the one that will take you to designated resorts on-site. The Disney resort monorail route consists of Magic Kingdom Park, Disney’s Contemporary Resort, Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, Disney’s Polynesian Resort, and the Transportation and Ticket Center.

All stops are back up and running for the Polynesian Disney monorail hotel, which was closed for some time while it was being refurbished.

What are the Disney monorail hotels?

  • Disney’s Polynesian Resort
  • Disney’s Contemporary Resort
  • Grand Floridian Resort

Does the monorail go to Disney Springs?

No, the monorail does not go to Disney Springs at Walt Disney World. Guests looking to travel to Disney Springs should look at their resort bus schedule, as they all have routes to the Springs. Guests can also use the Minnie Van service to travel to Disney Springs, just know you will have to pay for them.

How many monorails will be at Disney World in 2024? 

The 2024 Walt Disney World Monorail has 3 separate lines that travel throughout Walt Disney World Resort; the Resort Monorail, the Express Monorail, and the EPCOT Monorail. There are also currently 12 Mark VI monorail trains that run that are: teal, red, coral, orange, gold, yellow, lime, green, blue, silver, and black.

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Walt Disney World Monorail Hotels Guide

As you can see there are some amazing hotels on the Disney monorail system. And although they all have a unique theme and feel they do have one amazing thing in common which is their proximity to the magic kingdom and being a part of the Disney World monorail system.

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How to Ride the Monorail at Disney World 2024


A majority of the guests visiting the Magic Kingdom will have the chance to tide the Disney monorail. The reason is the main parking lot at the Magic Kingdom requires guests to take the monorail or ferry boat over to the park. Simply go to one of the designated spots where the Monorail stops and wait for it to arrive and open its doors. Then when you hear your stop, you get off. The entrance and exit locations for the monorail are typically in the same area.

Guests can also follow the signs from any of the Disney resorts we discussed above as well as at EPCOT when trying to ride the Walt Disney World monorail system. 

The monorail inside consists of big benches on each side of the six carts, plus polls to hold on to in the middle of the cart with a lot of standing room.

Can anyone ride the monorail at Disney World?

Yes! The Walt Disney World monorail is completely free and is open for any guest to ride without a ticket. Just know that you may have to pay for parking if you’re looking to park and ride. Guests are no longer allowed to park at Disney hotels without a reservation, so keep in mind, that it can get tricky to ride without a ticket.

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Does the Disney Monorail Cost Money?

Another popular question we receive is does the Disney monorail cost money or can you ride the monorail at Disney World for free? And, yes you can ride the monorail at Disney World for free. All Disney transportation to and from the theme parks is free and this includes the Walt Disney World monorail. Guests can use the free Disney monorail from the ticket and transportation center over to Magic Kingdom and also to EPCOT.

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2024 Walt Disney World Monorail FAQ


Q: What are the Walt Disney World Monorail Colors?

A: Twelve monorails make up the three different routes you can travel using the Disney monorail system. Each monorail is identified by a colored stripe. The current monorail colors in Disney World are peach, teal, red, coral, orange, gold, yellow, lime, green, blue, silver, and black.

Q: Is the Monorail Running at Disney World?

A: In short, yes, the monorail is up and running at Disney World. However, some restrictions do apply.

Q: Does the Monorail go to EPCOT?

A: The EPCOT Monorail is the only monorail that takes you to EPCOT from the Transportation and Ticket Center. However the EPCOT monorail loop is closed until further notice, however, we are hoping it will be back this fall for the EPCOT Food and Wine Festival.

Q: What is the Express Monorail at Disney?

A: If you’re looking to skip all the extra stops on the Disney monorail stop order, you can take the Express Monorail. This monorail takes you to and from both the Transportation and Ticket  Center and Magic Kingdom Park, so although there are fewer stops, this is great for people looking for a Magic Kingdom loop.

Q: What are the Disney Monorail Hours?

A: The first monorail time is thirty minutes before the first park opens. The last monorail time is one hour after the last park closes.

Q: Can I Ride the Monorail at Disney if I’m Not a Guest?

A: Yes, anyone visiting Disney World has access to riding the Disney World monorail route, even if you’re not staying at a Disney Resort.

Q: Does it Cost to Ride the Monorail at Disney World?

A: It is free to ride the Disney monorail, making the monorail a unique and different adventure when visiting the parks and resorts, especially on rainy days!

When is The Best Time to Visit Disney World?

Our Disney  World Crowd Calendar is the best tool to help you get the most out of your time in the parks. We break down park crowds, park hours of operation, ticket prices, and average temperature. We also break down the best time to visit Disney World based on specific times of the year and special events.

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