What are the Best Treats at Disneyland for 2023?


What are the Best Treats at Disneyland for 2023?

If you’re craving sweet and delicious with the best 2023 Disneyland desserts, this article is just for you! My time working as a Disneyland Candy Maker made my sweet tooth grow even more. So below, we are going to list out our favorite sweet treats that keep us coming back for more. Yes, everything on this list has been tried more than once. They’re just that good! You will find popular desserts on our list, but also some of the best desserts at Disneyland that are more hidden from the eye of social media. We also have a complete guide to desserts in Walt Disney World and Disney Springs if this list doesn’t satisfy your sweet tooth.

Some of best Disneyland desserts have become known around the world for their delicious flavor and unique designs. Worldwide brands such as Loungefly have even started creating backpacks and other items based off of some of the most popular Disneyland snacks. That’s why we are listing out 11 of the best desserts in Disneyland just for you!

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Best Desserts in Disneyland 2023


Disneyland Foodies are usually the catalyst for bringing the best treats at Disneyland to the public eye. But as a former Disneyland Cast Member who was a candy maker at Disneyland, I can assure you these are the BEST Disneyland treats the parks have to offer. So let’s start breaking down our list of the best desserts at Disneyland. This list of the best Disneyland treats was made with you in mind! It is our goal to make sure you’re always one step ahead on your next Disneyland vacation. From Disney sweets to Disneyland treats 2023, our list covers locations in Disneyland, Disney California Adventure, and Downtown Disney. I’m already hungry! So let’s get started on our list of top desserts at Disneyland 2023.

What are the Best Desserts at Disneyland 2023?

  • #1 – Nuttles 
  • #2 – Raspberry Macaron 
  • #3 – Matterhorn Macaroon
  • #4 – Churro Toffee
  • #5 – Loaded Dole Whips
  • #6 – Disneyland Churros
  • #7 – Mickey Beignets 
  • #8 – Alien Macaron 
  • #9 – English toffee
  • #10 – Disneyland Candy Canes
  • #11 – Cold Brew Black Caf

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What are the Best Disneyland Desserts 2023 Ranked?

#1 – Disneyland Nuttles – Best Treat at Disneyland 2023


Location: Candy Palace, Main Street USA, Disneyland Park

Price: $12.49

Taste: These are Disneyland’s twist on the classic Turtle confection. On a bed of hand toasted chopped pecans, the Candy Makers dollop on home made caramel, topped with tempered milk chocolate. 

Tips and Tricks: These treats are the most illusive treats at Disneyland. With a changing seasonal schedule, it makes it difficult to nail down when these sweets are available. And once they are, you have to act quickly! The most common days Nuttles are made are Wednesdays and Fridays. If you’re looking to get your hands on a pack or four of these tasty treats, plan to pick them up later in the day. Since these Disneyland desserts are made fresh starting that morning, Nuttles are usually ready for pick up around 2 p.m. They will always be sold at the candy stand in the corner of Candy Palace near the door to the Back Stage area. I have personally hand made these treats at Disneyland and can assure you, it deserves the spot at number 1 on our list of best Disneyland desserts.

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#2 – Raspberry Macaron Disneyland


Location: Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe, Main Street USA, Disneyland Park

Price: $5.99

Taste: Soft chewy cookie full of raspberry flavor with a slight hint of rose coming from the sweet buttercream filling.

Tips and Tricks: If you’ve never had a macaron, they are essentially a delicate cookie with a slightly crunchy exterior and a soft gooey center. Typically, they are sandwiched together filled with a sweet filling. This Mickey shaped version is a vanilla flavored cookie dyed red filled with rose flavored butter cream and whole fresh raspberries. The Disneyland Raspberry Macaron is made on site in the Central Bakery. Like the Nuttles, this treat is also known to fly off the shelf! So we definitely recommend grabbing this as a Disney sweet with your morning coffee.

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#3 – Matterhorn Macaroon Disneyland – Cheapest Disney Dessert 2023


Location: Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe, Main Street USA, Disneyland Park

Price: $3.99

Taste: Soft, chew, and full of coconut flavor! This pint sized version of the Matterhorn is also topped with a white chocolate glaze cap.

Tips and Tricks: The Matterhorn Macaroon Disneyland is by far the least expensive dessert in the parks and on this list. Coming in at only $4 (excluding any discounts) this treat hits every time. Even if you aren’t a coconut person, I would recommend trying this cookie! It’s soft, dense, and a little chewy. I am not a coconut person, but the textures in this bite are worth it! This is absolutely one of my go-to snacks and I’ve never seen it run out. Unlike the Disneyland Raspberry Macaron at the same location.

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#4 – Churro Toffee Disneyland – Best Desserts in California Adventure 2023


Location: You can purchase Churro Toffee Disneyland at every candy counter on property. But the location that serves the freshest Churro Toffee is Trolley Treats, Buena Vista Street, DCA.

Price: $6.99

Taste: A square of sweet buttery almond toffee dipped in semi-sweet white chocolate and coated in a special cinnamon sugar mixture.

Tips and Tricks: The famous Disneyland English toffee takes on a new form in famous treat. the Churro Toffee at Disneyland first hit the shelves in 2018 and quickly became Disneyland’s best selling sweet! If you’re wondering where to get Churro Toffee at Disneyland, you can find it at every single candy counter in the parks and at Downtown Disney. We also really love the fall version of this treat, the Pumpkin Churro Toffee. Not as pumpkin-y as we would like, but defiantly still a great option if you’re craving the original thing.

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#5 – Disneyland Loaded Dole Whip – Best Vegan Desserts at Disneyland 2023


Location: The Tropical Hideaway, Adventureland, Disneyland Park

Price: $7.99

Taste: The mango Dole Whip is definitely less tart than the classic pineapple flavor. Matched with chilled diced fruits like cucumber and jicama. And topped with Chamoy, Tajin, and a slice of dried mango. You can expect a sweet chilled cream with a bit of spice. Extremely delicious and refreshing on those hot California days.

Tips and Tricks: Grab this Disney sweet before noon. Once the sun comes out and the Dole Whip cravings begin, the line at The Tropical Hideaway can get long. I’ve once waited a stand still line for over 20 min! Needless to say I got out of line and went back later on, but if you’re visiting for a short amount of time, you may not have that luxury. Securing this snack earlier in the day will be the least stressful option! You can also make an early lunch out of it by also grabbing some of their small plate items! Click the link below for the full menu at The Tropical Hideaway.

The Tropical Hideaway Full Menu at Disneyland

#6 – Disneyland Churro


Location: At least one churro cart is located in every land at both Disneyland and DCA.

Price: $5.00 – $6.75

Taste: Depending on the type of churro, they are mostly a sweet treat but can also be somewhat savory! Disneyland is known for their unique seasonal churro flavors. But you can’t go wrong with the classic, soft but chewy cinnamon sugar treat.

Tips and Tricks: There is no churro like a Disneyland Churro. And there 17 different churro stands and carts scattered around the Disneyland Resort. More if you include the Downtown Disney dessert carts that sell the California Churros (I don’t but that’s up to you!). In recent years, Disneyland Churros have gained popularity for their unique flavors and dipping sauces. A normal cinnamon sugar churro will cost $5, and the more elaborate flavors are more expensive. The dipping sauces are also an additional cost! I always find that the best flavored churros are located at the Tomorrowland Churro Cart in Disneyland and Willie’s Churro Cart in DCA.

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#7 – Mickey Beignets Disneyland 2023


Location: Mint Julep Bar, New Orleans Square, Disneyland

Price: $5.49 – $8.99 

Taste: You can expect your Mickey Beignets to be soft, airy, warm, and full of powdered sugar!

Tips and Tricks: The biggest tip and trick I can give you is to SHAKE THE BAG! There is an excess of powdered sugar in the bag to coat the warm bready puffs. Shaking the bag before eating them ensures you have completely coated your tasty Mickey morsels in the sugar. You’ll want to do this especially if you ordered one of the seasonal beignets. Keep in mind you can only purchase them in sets of 3 or 6 pieces! Another pro tip: the only true way to eat a Mickey Beignets Disneyland is to eat the ears first!

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#8 – Green Alien Macaron Disneyland – Best Dessert in Tomorrowland at Disneyland 2023


Location: Alien Pizza Planet, Tomorrowland, Disneyland

Price: $6.49

Taste: A lemon macaron cookie filled with a deep purple blackberry buttercream. You can expect this to be a little sweet and a little sour! The textures of Disneyland’s macarons never disappoint. This cookie is deliciously crumbly and soft.

Tips and Tricks: Depending on the time of year you visit will depend on the flavor and design of your Alien Macaron Disneyland 2023. Premiering in 2018 at the Disneyland Pixar-Fest, the traditional Alien Macaron is a lemon flavored cookie with a blackberry buttercream. During Halloween time at Disneyland, you can munch on the Vampire Alien Macaron, and during the holidays, you guessed it, the Holiday Alien Macaron. The holiday one is filled with a marshmallow cream and a rich chocolate ganache. I recommend getting this earlier in the day because once they sell out, they’re out. You can pick one these Disney sweets near the cashier’s station inside Alien Pizza Planet next to Space Mountain.

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#9 – Disneyland English Toffee – Best Dessert Disneyland to Take Home


Location: Every candy counter in the parks & Downtown Disney EXCEPT Bing Bong’s Sweet Stuff on Pixar Pier in DCA

Price: $15.49

Taste: Sweet buttery classic English toffee with almonds enrobed in delectable milk chocolate and chopped almonds.

Tips and Tricks: This is the most expensive item on this list, but that’s also why it’s our top pick for best Disneyland Desserts 2023 to bring home. What also makes this treat worth the price tag is the fact that it’s made by hand on Disney property by the Candy Makers! That’s even me in the photo above packaging freshly made toffee at Candy Palace on Main Street! The amount of toffee made in a day is astounding. On a day where toffee is priority, the Candy Maker Disneyland can make up to 19,200 pieces of toffee! Each bag contains 11oz of toffee. Thats generally equals out to be 7-8 pieces per bag. They travel well too! This is also one of the best Downtown Disney Dessert options since its a park item you can grab without needing a ticket.

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#10 – Disneyland Candy Canes 2022


Location: Candy Palace, Main Street USA, Disneyland Park & Trolley Treats, Buena Vista Street, DCA

Price: $19.99

Taste: As close as you can get to toothpaste without it being too much. Prepare yourself for a peppermint overload!

Tips and Tricks: If you haven’t heard, Disneyland Candy Canes are a BIG deal at the Disneyland Resort. These hand made candy canes made by skillful Candy Makers have been a Disneyland Holiday tradition for over 50 years! As a previous Candy Maker, let me give you some inside tips on how to secure one of these treasured treats. Know the schedule. The candy canes are sold  Sunday – Wednesday, Christmas Eve & Christmas Day, and will alternate locations between Candy Palace and Trolly Treats. Here is the 2022 Candy Cane Schedule:

Candy Palace –

  • 12/4
  • 12/6
  • 12/11
  • 12/13
  • 12/18
  • 12/20
  • 12/24

Trolly Treats –

  • 12/5
  • 12/7
  • 12/12
  • 12/14
  • 12/19
  • 12/21
  • 12/25

This year, a mobile waitlist will be used to distribute a candy cane. Once you join the mobile wait list, you’ll receive a text when your Disneyland Candy Cane 2022 is ready for pick up! If you don’t score a return time, I always think it doesn’t hurt to ask at the VERY end of the night if there are any canes left over. If the stores are still crowded, the cashiers will not sell you any left over canes. Once someone sees that they are handing you one, everyone will want one. Wait until you are virtually the last person in the store.

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#11 – Cold Brew Black Caf – Cocoa Puff Coldbrew Disneyland Desserts 2023


Location: Docking Bay 7, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, Disneyland Park

Price: $6.29

Taste: Rich cold brew topped with a creamy cream cheese cold foam and chocolatey Cocoa Puffs! It’s basically breakfast in a cup.

Tips and Tricks: Ok, I know what you’re thinking, this isn’t a dessert. But this is hands down one of the best treats at Disneyland and I would be remiss if I didn’t recommend this to you. If you’re reading this list, you have a sweet tooth like me and this is the one treat I get every time I visit Disneyland without fail. The downside is that Docking Bay 7 doesn’t open until 10 a.m. So if you’re hoping to have this with an early park breakfast, think again. I’ll usually have something small before I get into the parks. Then hold out until I can have the Cocoa Puff Coldbrew Disneyland and a breakfast Ronto Wrap. I also highly recommend using mobile order for this!

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Best Desserts in Disneyland 2023 FAQ


Q: Are Disney Churros Vegan?

A: Unfortunately Disneyland Churros are not vegan. The churro itself uses egg in the batter. If you are vegan and looking for something deliciously sweet to have at Disneyland, we can not recommend the Loaded Dole Whips at The Tropical Hideaway enough.

Q: What is the Most Popular Dessert at Disneyland?

A: This is a very controversial question and depends on who you ask. But in terms of confections, the Churro Toffee is Disneyland’s hottest selling sweet. Dole Whip is another infamous Disney sweet.

Q: How Much is a Churro at Disneyland 2023?

A: The classic Disneyland churro is $5.00. If you want to try a season specialty flavor, they will be around $6.75 without any dipping sauce. Some specialty churros are paired with dipping sauces. Those sauces are optional and will cost an additional $1.50!

Q: Where to Get Churro Toffee at Disneyland?

A: Churro Toffee is located in Disneyland, DCA, and Downtown Disney. At Disneyland Park you can find Churro Toffee at Candy Palace and Pooh’s Corner. In DCA at Trolley Treats. And in Downtown Disney at Marceline’s Confectionary.

Q: How Much is the Disneyland World of Color Dessert Party 2023?

A: This Disneyland Dessert party is $89 per adult including taxes and fees. Included in this price is a reserved viewing of World of Color, seedless grapes, a variety of cheeses, a raspberry filled shortbread cookie, rainbow crispie, triple chocolate cheese cake, and a blue raspberry bundt cake. It also includes beverages! Unlimited soda, coffee, and water. Adults also receive two alcoholic beverages. Your choices being sparkling wine, beer, and a tequila spritzer.

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