All EPIC Universe Rides 2023 Coming to Universal’s New Theme Park


All EPIC Universe Rides 2023 Coming to Universal’s New Theme Park

This article is your complete guide to the new EPIC Universe rides! While EPIC Universe has a few more years before its completion, it’s still exciting to learn the details of the new Universal theme parkThat’s why we’re writing this article to update you on all of the news about the EPIC Universe attractions coming!

We’ve been going to Universal theme parks for over 20 years and are so excited for these new Universal rides. Universal has been completely knocking the competition out of the water, especially with attractions like Hagrid’s Motorbike Adventure. Therefore, we know that the same energy will be brought to EPIC Universe rides, t00. So, if you’re excited to race your friends in Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge, or even ride on the back of a Yoshi through the Mushroom Kingdom, you have to check this out! As we learn of the newest Universal EPIC Universe rides, we will update you right here.

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What Rides are Coming to EPIC Universe?


For right now, we know that the only official EPIC Universal rides will be the three featured in Super Nintendo World. Those include a brand new “boom-coaster”, a VR-type racing game, and a slow moving family friendly attraction. There are rumors of other attractions coming to EPIC Universe, such as a How to Train Your Dragon Coaster or an adventure through the Ministry of Magic. We have also heard the rumors of a Classic Monsters land with rides that are themed after our spooky favorites like Dracula or Frankenstein.

If any of the new EPIC Universe attractions are anything like some of the newer rides at Universal lately, we know that this new Universal park is going to be amazing.

What are the official Universal Studios EPIC Universe Rides?

  • Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge
  • Yoshi’s Adventure
  • Donkey Kong Mine Cart Coaster

What are the rumored EPIC Universal Orlando rides?

  • Frankenstein’s Manor (High-tech dark ride)
  • How to Train Your Dragon Coaster (Steel launched)
  • How to Train Your Dragon Sky Fly flat rides
  • Indoor Ministry of Magic Adventure (Fast-paced, high thrill)
  • Constellation Carousel (EPIC Universe main hub)
  • Starfall Racers (EPIC Universe main hub dueling coaster)

As a reminder, these EPIC Universe rides all rumored and speculated from permits filed by the construction companies building the park. With that in mind, rumors typically end up having some truth behind them so we can expect some of this to be true!

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Super Nintendo World Rides – EPIC Universe

Super Nintendo World Orlando is going to be one of three Mario themed lands around the globe, with incredible attractions that we cannot wait to try. With the official opening of Super Nintendo World Hollywood being in February of 2023, we are going to get an up close glimpse of what’s to come. With that being said, the Orlando iteration of Super Nintendo World will be the only of the three to open with all three rides complete. Both Japan and Hollywood are having expansions of Donkey Kong’s Mine Coaster coming later on.

So, with all that being said what are the rides coming to Super Nintendo World Orlando?

What are the Super Nintendo Orlando Rides?

  • Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge
  • Yoshi’s Adventure
  • Donkey Kong Mine Cart Madness

Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge

Jump inside of a real vehicle in the iconic Mario Kart game and race your friends through a challenging course! This is the world’s first interactive Mario Kart theme park ride, where you can hit your enemies with shells, race around the tracks and experience so much more with special vehicle glasses!

Yoshi’s Adventure

Yoshi’s Adventure is a ride that will essentially take you for a “walk in the park” around The Mushroom Kingdom. You will get to see every single inch of the incredibly imagined land in this family-friendly EPIC Universe attraction with Yoshi as your guide. There are some surprise scenes along the way too, which we think are super cute!

Donkey Kong Mine Cart Coaster

Donkey Kong’s coaster is going to be a truly wild one, as it is the first of its kind. The “boom coaster” is one that creates an illusion of jumping over sections of broken track, just like the historic Donkey Kong game. This attraction will debut in Universal Studios Japan in 2024, so we will have more details on what this attraction is going to be like. For now, we know that it will be a completely new experience for Universal guests unlike any other before it!

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Dark Universe: Universal Classic Monsters Rides (Rumored)


Now named as “Dark Universe” Universal is finally going to be paying homage to the classic monsters, ghost and ghouls we’ve all known. As huge Halloween Horror Nights fans, we really hope that the Universal Classic Monsters land is legitimate, because what we’ve heard so far sounds amazing. This land will include elements from classics like Frankenstein, Dracula, Creature from the Black Lagoon and The Wolfman. That includes brand new EPIC Universe rides, where 2 have been rumored so far. The main attraction is said to be similar to the mechanics of Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, but set in Frankenstein’s Manor.

The second Monsters themed attraction has changed courses a few times, but permits show that it might be a coaster now instead. There are very few details about this second attraction, but construction is flying along at this point and we’re sure to hear more soon.

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How to Train Your Dragon Rides (Rumored)


Another EPIC Universe land that will be incredible if turning out to be true is the How to Train Your Dragon area. Based off the permits and construction so far, we’re pretty positive that Toothless and Hiccup are coming to Orlando. The first, and most interesting ride that would be coming would be the How to Train Your Dragon roller coaster. This coaster will be a massive, steel launch coaster that is set to cover most of the land with scenic views.

There is also rumored to be another How to Train Your Dragon Ride Universal has, which will allow a more interactive approach. It is slated to be family-friendly, interactive boat ride with water cannons to aim at a targeted course and potentially guests too! There is also a theater staged in the area, which we are assuming will be a stage show with actors, puppets and more.

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The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Ministry of Magic (Rumored)


Since the huge success of both Harry Potter lands in the other Universal parks, it only made sense that another Wizarding World would be added to EPIC Universe. This land is rumored to be set in the Ministry of Magic with elements from the Fantastic Beast franchise, as well. From what others have gathered from construction is that the main feature attraction will be similar to the Spider-Man ride in Islands of Adventure.

Either way, the attraction is supposed to bring guests on a harrowing trek through the Ministry of Magic, which will be in a giant show building. We are unsure if there will be more Universal EPIC Universe rides in the new Wizarding World. As soon as we have more details, we will update you here!

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Universal’s EPIC Universe Rides


There will also be brand-new EPIC Universe Orlando rides that will exist outside of the main lands, such as the EPIC Universe hub. We’ve heard plenty of EPIC Universe rumors which elude that the overall theme of EPIC Universe will be very “celestial” and cosmic. This new area will be adorned with bronze archways, celestial constellations and mystical emblems that will represent the fundamental elements – water, fire, earth, air and space. With that being said, there are rumors for EPIC Universe rides of their own called the Constellation Carousel and Starfall Racers. What we assume to be Starfall Racers actually appears in the original concept art of a dueling coaster type ride, which sounds extremely thrilling!

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EPIC Universe Rides FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What rides will EPIC Universe have?

A: So far, we know that there will be three new attractions coming to Super Nintendo World at the brand new Universal theme park. One being a coaster-type, slow moving and even VR-type racing game! As for the other EPIC Universe rides, they are all rumored.

Q: Will EPIC Universe have Harry Potter?

A: Yes, it is rumored that Harry Potter will be a huge part of EPIC Universe, with a brand new land. The rumors state that it will most like Ministry of Magic themed with at least one new attraction.

Q: Does Super Nintendo World have roller coasters?

A: Super Nintendo World will have a roller coaster as early as 2024 with Donkey Kong’s Minecart Madness Coaster being built. All three Super Nintendo Lands are slated to get this brand new Universal coaster, and we can’t wait to try it when it debuts.

Q: Are there any rides in Super Nintendo World?

Yes, there are currently two different rides in Super Nintendo World. They are Yoshi’s Adventure and Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge. There is supposed to be a third Super Nintendo World ride coming in 2024, which is a Donkey Kong coaster too!

Q: Is there a How to Train Your Dragon roller coaster?

A: As of right now, Universal does not have a How To Train Your Dragon Coaster. That will all change when EPIC Universe is built, where it is rumored that three new rides will be themed after that franchise. One of those rides being a steel launched coaster!

Q: Does Universal have a How To Train Your Dragon ride?

A: Not yet! But that is all going to change in 2025 when EPIC Universe is built. It is rumored that there will be an How to Train Your Dragon land, therefore, rides!

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