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Monthly Average 70° (high) / 53° (low)
April 2024
  • SUN
  • MON
  • TUE
  • WED
  • THU
  • FRI
  • SAT
Mar 318Sun $ 18481° / 58° (Historical)
Apr 18Mon $ 17981° / 58° (Historical)
Apr 28Tue $ 17981° / 58° (Historical)
Apr 38Wed $ 17981° / 59° (Historical)
Apr 48Thu $ 17982° / 59° (Historical)
Apr 58Fri $ 17982° / 59° (Historical)
Apr 68Sat $ 17982° / 59° (Historical)
Apr 78Sun $ 17982° / 59° (Historical)
Apr 88Mon $ 17482° / 59° (Historical)
Apr 98Tue $ 17482° / 60° (Historical)
Apr 108Wed $ 17483° / 60° (Historical)
Apr 118Thu $ 17483° / 60° (Historical)
Apr 128Fri $ 17983° / 60° (Historical)
Apr 138Sat $ 17983° / 60° (Historical)
Apr 148Sun $ 17983° / 61° (Historical)
Apr 158Mon $ 17484° / 61° (Historical)
Apr 168Tue $ 17484° / 61° (Historical)
Apr 178Wed $ 17484° / 61° (Historical)
Apr 188Thu $ 17984° / 61° (Historical)
Apr 198Fri $ 17984° / 61° (Historical)
Apr 208Sat $ 18484° / 62° (Historical)
Apr 218Sun $ 18485° / 62° (Historical)
Apr 228Mon $ 17985° / 62° (Historical)
Apr 238Tue $ 17485° / 62° (Historical)
Apr 248Wed $ 17485° / 62° (Historical)
Apr 258Thu $ 17485° / 62° (Historical)
Apr 268Fri $ 17486° / 63° (Historical)
Apr 278Sat $ 17486° / 63° (Historical)
Apr 288Sun $ 17486° / 63° (Historical)
Apr 298Mon $ 17486° / 63° (Historical)
Apr 307Tue $ 17486° / 63° (Historical)
May 17Wed $ 16986° / 63° (Historical)
May 26Thu $ 17487° / 64° (Historical)
May 36Fri $ 17487° / 64° (Historical)
May 46Sat $ 17487° / 64° (Historical)

Disney World Crowd Calendar 2024


Walt Disney World is one of the most visited destinations in the world, which makes it essential to choose your dates carefully. Park attendance and ticket prices fluctuate throughout the year, making our Disney World Crowd calendar a helpful tool. Our updated Disney crowd calendar predicts Disney’s theme park attendance one year in advance. This allows you to narrow down the months, weeks, and days of your next magical vacation. Very similar to our Universal Orlando crowd calendar we have found the best days to visit Walt Disney World depend on a few factors, including crowds, weather, park hours, and park ticket prices. So that’s precisely what we have included in our 2024 Disney crowd calendar!  

Disney World single-day theme park tickets now fluctuate based on the day you plan to visit and also the exact Disney World park. With that being said we have included the single-day prices for the Magic Kingdom theme park as that is by far the most popular park. While selling tickets for Disney World at the Magic Kingdom, I also learned that it is the most popular park guests will visit when they only have one day. 

The Park Prodigy Disney World Crowd Calendar Organized

Our 2024 Disney crowd calendar allows you to look at each park individually. This allows you to organize our crowd calendars by:

  • The Magic Kingdom crowd calendar
  • Our EPCOT crowd calendar
  • The Hollywood Studios crowd calendar
  • Our Animal Kingdom crowd calendar

Average Temperature

Orlando, Florida, is known for its sunny yet sometimes unpredictable weather. This makes it an important part to consider when booking your next trip. Summer months tend to be in the high 90s, while winter months tend to be cooler. The Park Prodigy crowd calendar for Disney World tracks the average temperature range for each day of the calendar year. This will allow you to know exactly what to expect and pack accordingly!

Theme Park Hours

It doesn’t matter if you’re visiting Magic Kingdom or any of the other three Disney parks, we have found park hours can be confusing. Especially with the recent additions of so many special event tickets, and the new early morning hours at Disney. 

Our 2024 Disney park crowd calendar includes the daily openings and closings for all Orlando theme parks. We also include extra magic hours in the morning and at night and special events in our 2024 crowd tracker for Disney World to help you make the most of your vacation.

2024 Disney World Crowd Calendar Daily Park Recommendations

Not only do we give you everything you need to skip the crowds when planning your vacation, but we will help you pick the exact date to visit each Disney World theme park. Keep an eye out for the dog paw, which shows which theme parks we recommend during the week you are visiting. 

It’s important to note that instead of the extra magic hours fluctuating and changing based on the day all Walt Disney World theme parks will allow guests into their parks up to a half hour before other park guests. This is sure to have a change on how park guests use our 2024 Disney World crowd calendar to plan their vacation. On the bright side, it’s a lot easier to plan knowing you’ll have the extra half hour any morning you would like as long as you are staying at an official Disney World hotel. 

Walt Disney World Special Events Calendar

A few of our favorite Walt Disney World additions over the past few years have been special events. These events range from Run Disney races, concerts, holiday parties, and EPCOT Festivals! It’s also important that we can pick up trends based on the holiday special ticketed events such as Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party and Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas party. We can pick up busier than normal times at the parks by which special events sell out during pre-sale and will update our Disney world crowd calendar for 2024 accordingly.

Although these events are typically held during off-peak times, we can see crowd levels spike during the fall. For these reasons, we ensure to include all special events on our 2024 crowd calendar for Disney World.

Our 2024 Disney World Crowd tracker is best used to simply avoid the busy days at the park and visit during the slow days instead. We update our Disney Crowd Calendar using the latest park events, national holidays, universities & k-12 school year plus our own personal wait time data and vacation planning experience.

Save Time and Money With Our Disney Crowd Calendar

So now that we have covered the basics let’s go over what makes our Disney crowd calendar so special. Unlike many other 2024 Disney world crowd calendars, we allow you to customize your perfect family vacation. Simply pick which is most important to you:

  • Avoiding Large Crowds
  • Saving Money

Then click our “optimize” button and let the crowd calendar do the rest. We will automatically pick the best days for your family to travel for that month.

2024 Disney Crowd Calendar and Disney Genie+

Disney recently introduced the newest addition to the My Disney Experience App, and that is the Disney Genie+. Starting $15 per person per day guests can upgrade their ticket to use the lightning lane at select Disney attractions. But how exactly can you use a Disney crowd calendar to your advantage when deciding to buy Genie+?

Very simply, guests can use our 2024 Disney crowd calendar to pick the slowest times of year at the parks. This in return, might allow guests not to have to upgrade their ticket to buy the Genie+ altogether. If you know that you will be purchasing the Genie+ you must also consider the individual premium Lightning Lane rides, which can be purchased for a one-time fee of $7-$27. These prices also will fluctuate based on crowd levels which you can track using our 2024 Disney World crowd calendar. 

2024 Disney World Crowd Calendar FAQ


Below are a few of the most common questions we receive regarding our Disney Crowd Calendar

Q: When is Walt Disney World least crowded?

A: We have found Disney World to be least crowded during the month of September and from January 7th to February 1st. You can also find weeks spread out throughout the year with lower-than-normal Disney crowd levels.

Q: When is Walt Disney World most crowded?

Walt Disney World tends to be the most crowded during major holiday weekends and breaks. We recommend avoiding Presidents Day weekend, spring break, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas week. For additional information, be sure to check out the best time to visit Walt Disney World!

Unlike years passed Disney has released their ticket prices for 2022 early as many people have has to reschedule their trips. Ticket prices have always helped as we track and anticipate crowds on our Disney World Crowd Calendar. To help we have extended our 2024 Disney Crowd Calendar out for anyone planning a trip for next year.

Q: What month is Disney World’s least crowded?

A: We tend to see February and September to be the least crowded months at Walt Disney World. Make sure to check out the Crowd Calendar to double check your vacation dates.