Complete Guide to The New Universal Park 2023


Complete Guide to The New Universal Park 2023

This article is a complete guide on the new Universal Park coming to Orlando, Universal’s Epic Universe! In one of the largest theme park announcements to date, Universal Studios Orlando is opening a 3rd park! It’s no secret that Universal is known for being one of the most thrilling theme parks to visit. All while continuing to be a leader in new ride technology, live stunt performances, and pushing the boundaries of theme park entertainment. And we don’t expect that to change with the Universal Studios new park.

While little is known about Universal Epic Universe, we do know that it’s going to be the second largest theme park in the world! Which makes this new Universal theme park … Epic!  This newest Universal park in Orlando, is still in development, so be sure to check back on this article for the latest updates as they get released.

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What is the New Universal Park?


Epic Universe is the name of the long awaited Universal new park. In August on 2019, NBC Universal’s CEO of Park & Resorts announced a Universal new park, Epic Universe. Filling the 20 year gap previously filled by the announcement of Islands of Adventure in 1999! Universal’s Epic Universe was originally planned to open sometime in 2023. But with the global pandemic of 2020, construction came to a halt and the timeline was pushed. In late 2021, Universal’s Epic Universe has started filing permits and constructing buildings that will be forming the main hub of the park. As construction continues, we are hopeful Universal will being announcing more Universal Epic Universe lands.

What is Epic Universe?

  • Universal’s Epic Universe will be Universal Orlando’s biggest and most immersive park to date. Being the third park built with plenty of new exciting technologies and ideas. Universal Orlando new park will be double the size of the current Universal Orlando Resort. Adding four brand-new lands with attractions, restaurants and shopping opportunities.

So far, the only land we know of is the Super Nintendo World themed area. Originally announced in January of 2020, this new Universal Studios park version of the Mario themed land will be Universal’s third rendition of the land. The first opening March 18th, 2021 in Osaka Japan, and the second opening this year at Universal Hollywood in California on February 17th, 2023. Epic Universal park will be the first new park in Orlando, Florida. The park will feature brand new lands, rides, shops, restaurants, an entertainment center, and an adjacent hotel.

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What is Universal’s Epic Universe Opening Date? 


The official Epic Universe opening date hasn’t been set in stone quite yet. Universal Orlando is typically tight lipped when it comes to specific release dates, but we do have some details to offer! Universal Orlando came out at the 2021 Q4 meeting and said that Universal’s Epic Universe will have its doors open by summer of 2025. While that is still a while away, we are excited to hear that Universal is certain on an opening time frame, which we didn’t have before.

When Will Epic Universe Open?

  • Universal Epic Universe opening date is Summer 2025! On December 5th, 2022, the NBC Universal CEO Jeff Shell confirmed that Epic Universe is “on track” to open by the summer of 2025.

The photo above was taken on December 6th, 2022 and is our latest update on the construction progress with the Universal new park 2025. Taken by Twitter user bioreconstruct, the photo shows new theme park Orlando in its current state of development. From show buildings to walk ways it looks likeUniversal Epic Universe opening date is solid and set in stone! We think given universals timeline of its previous date announcements, it might even be earlier than anticipated.

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Where Will Epic Universe Be Located?universal-shuttle-bus

So where is Epic Universe being built? There are always constant rumors circulating about Universal Studios Orlando new park. So let’s review something we know for sure, the location. One of the most asked questions we receive is, where will Universal’s Epic Universe be located? The Universal Epic Universe location will be separate from Universal Studios Floridand Islands of Adventure. Otherwise known as the “South Campus”, Epic Universe will be located behind Orlando Icon park. Making it only 15 minutes from the rest of Universal Orlando resort. Universal’s Epic Universe is also closer to Walt Disney World, which makes it a simple Uber ride away from guests vacationing to both major Orlando Resorts.

Will There be Transportation to the Epic Universe Location?

  • Universal has stated that the new park in Orlando will have free transportation between the two campuses for all guests visiting!

Universal Orlando Resort will be split into the North and South campus about 15 minutes apart. So you will need to get yourself to and from Universal’s new park. The North Campus consists of Universal Studios Florida, Islands of Adventure, Volcano Bay and Universal CityWalk. South Campus will be all of Universal’s Epic Universe Orlando and is located next to the Orange County Convention center. Universal has stated that there will be free transportation between the two campuses for all guests visiting the new Universal Orlando park!

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Epic Universe Map – Universal Epic Universe Map 2023


As you can see in the image above, Universal’s Epic Universe is situated snuggly between I-4 and the S. John Young Parkway. In 2018, Universal Property Management acquired the enormous plot of land you see highlighted in blue for over 20 million dollars! This plot of land measures in at a whopping 750 acres! The current Universal Orlando Property takes up only 725 acres! This means you can fit ALL of Universal Orlando into Universal Epic Universe. Which gets us thinking that it will be more than just a theme park.

What is the Epic Universal Theme Park Size?

  • Epic Park Orlando will take up almost 750 acres of land. To put that in perspective, that’s almost twice the size of EPCOT. And 7 times the size of The Magic Kingdom!

Needless to say, Universal’s Epic Universe will be massive. The current North Campus Universal Orlando Resort, that holds 2 parks, 1 water park, and 6 hotels takes up 725 acres. The new South Campus will be 750 acres in total. Free transportation will most likely be added due to excess space of the two campuses. Don’t worry, there will be no walking that far to get your thrills in.

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What Will Be in Epic Universe? – Universal Epic Universe Lands 2023

Universal Studios Orlando in one day

The Universal Epic park will consist of 4 themed lands, set in isolation from each other. Unfortunately, there are still many rumors as to what these lands will be with the exception of one. You can expect a full immersion experience, like Pandora: The World of Avatar or Galaxy’s Edge in Walt Disney World. Right now, we only know of one of the lands making its way to Universal Studios Epic Universe, and that’s Super Nintendo World. Super Nintendo World debuted in Universal Japan in 2021, and is coming to Universal Hollywood before 2023. The brand new land shows how Universal theming has gone to the next level.

Universal Epic Universe Lands


  • Super Mario World


  • How to Train Your Dragon
  • Fantastic Beasts
  • Universal Classic Monsters

Concept art shows many new rides introduced into Universal Studios Florida new park. With what appears to be at least two new coasters, Universal’s Epic Universe could be the most thrilling yet. We hope that the Wonderful Wizarding World of Harry Potter is expanded into the new Universal’s Epic Universe design like rumor’s speculate. Fantastic Beasts, How to Train Your Dragon, and Horror Classics have all been popular theme rumors.

As the opening date for Universal’s Epic Universe theme park gets closer, there will be so much information.  Make sure you check back for the latest details for new theme park in Orlando!

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What will be the Epic Universe Theme Park Rides?

Little is known about what the exact rides will be at Universal Studios Epic Universe. The only official Epic Universe Universal rides announced will be the three featured in the park’s Super Nintendo World. There are rumors of other attractions coming to the new Universal Epic Universe location. Most excitingly, a How to Train Your Dragon Coaster and an adventure through the Ministry of Magic! If you’re interested in the full details of the rides at the new new universal studios park, be sure to check out our Complete Guide to All Rides Coming to Epic Universe!

What are the Universal Epic Universe Rides?


  • Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge
  • Yoshi’s Adventure
  • Donkey Kong Mine Cart Coaster


  • Frankenstein’s Manor (High-tech dark ride)
  • How to Train Your Dragon Coaster (Steel launched)
  • How to Train Your Dragon Sky Fly flat rides
  • Indoor Ministry of Magic Adventure (Fast-paced, high thrill)

Super Nintendo World at Epic Universe May Have a Unique Dual-Level Entry Portal

  • The entrance to the land at Universal Epic Universe is rumored to have a dual-level entry. Meaning there will be two ways to enter the park. The way that is unique to Epic Universe is that we might enter a green warp pipe, famous from the Mario games. And ride an escalator up to the second level of the land and enter through Princess Peach’s Castle.

Super Nintendo World is the only concept confirmed in  park plans. In March 2019, this land debuted in Universal Studio Japan, and has been a top tourist destination since. As a reminder, the rides coming to this new theme park coming to Orlando are all rumored based on permits. These permits have been filed by the construction companies and Universal while building the park. With that in mind, rumors typically end up having some truth behind them so we can expect some of this to be true! You can check out this complete guide or head to our Epic Universe Rides article for all the latest details!

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What is the Epic Universe Layout 2023?


The Universal Orlando Epic Universe will be the very first Universal park to adopt the traditional wheel-and-spoke design. Park-goers may recognize the layout that Disneyland made famous when it opened in 1955. When Universal first opened its Orlando resort in 1990, it wanted to take on a different theme park experience. Taking inspiration from Universal Studios Hollywood, guests are given a more movie set back lot experience. That is until Islands of Adventure opened in 1999 and designers planned a more immersive land experience.

What Will the New Universal Park Orlando Look Like?

  • There will be a centralized hub connecting all Universal Epic Universe lands featured. The central hub design is long like a corridor. This will provide plenty of room for different experiences, entertainment, and attractions. With the idea of the Universal new park being similar to CityWalk, it would not be surprising to see a mega complex with themed eateries and shops.

As Epic Universe construction has continued on, we can now see that there will be four new lands coming with the brand new park. All four Universal Epic Universe lands will be situated around that main central hub, and transport guests away from it into magical worlds.

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Will There Be An Epic Universe Hotel?

hotels with shuttle to universal

The new Universal theme park has been expected to open with a brand new Universal hotel. With the addition of Epic Universe, Universal Orlando will double in size as this new universal park will sit on 750 acres. This Universal expansion could easily have room for two new universal parks. For now, we only have confirmation of Epic Universe. However, recent permits show that at least one additional hotel will be built near this epic park.

Is There a New Epic Universal Theme Park Hotel?

  • Yes! The new Universal hotel would be located across the street from the new Universal park in Orlando and would make the second hotel that will be in close proximity to Universal’s Epic Universe. An additional hotel would be great for guests who are looking to visit the new Universal Studios park when it opens. 

Although this additional hotel was not confirmed by Universal, it is a great sign for us Universal fans that this Universal expansion is underway. All speculations surrounding Universals Epic Universe are signs that Universal has exciting plans for their new Universal theme park.

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Universal Epic Universe 2023 FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When is Epic Universe Opening?

A: So when does Epic Universe open? Universal’s Epic Universe opening date is slated for summer of 2025. We are hoping by next year there is a concrete date for the opening so guests can start planning their trips!

Q: What will be in Epic Universe?

A: The Universal Epic park will consist of 4 themed lands, set in isolation from each other. Concept art shows many new rides introduced into Universal Studios Florida new park. With what appears to be at least two new coasters, Universal’s Epic Universe could be the most thrilling yet. We hope that the Wonderful Wizarding World of Harry Potter is expanded into the new Universal’s Epic Universe design like rumor’s speculate. Fantastic Beasts, How to Train Your Dragon, and Horror Classics have all been popular theme rumors.

Q: Will Harry Potter be at Epic Universe?

A: We can say without a doubt that Epic Universe will have a Harry Potter themed section! While the rumors are all we have to go on, the area will be themed after the Fantastic Beasts franchise of the Wizarding World. While also still highlighting the original book series, we can hope to see the Ministry of Magic for both London and France.

Q: Is Epic Universe Disney?

A: Epic Universe will be the 3rd park for Universal Studios Orlando Resort. This new park will be full of NBC Universal properties such as Nintendo’s Mario Brothers, Harry Potter, and the Minions. While nothing is confirmed we hope to know more as the construction continues!

When Is The Best Time To Visit Universal Orlando?

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