Complete Guide to the 2023 Disney Refillable Popcorn Bucket


Complete Guide to the 2023 Disney Refillable Popcorn Bucket

This article is your complete guide to the Disney refillable popcorn bucket. Do you want the inside scoop on one of the most popular snacks in Walt Disney World? 2023 Disney refillable popcorn buckets are a hot commodity among die hard Disney fans and can be a huge money saver if used the right way! A few of the main reasons these Disney popcorn buckets are so popular is they are different at all four Walt Disney World and Disneyland theme parks, they are refillable as many times as you want for a small fee, and they make for a great souvenir!

So it doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a Star Wars popcorn bucket at Hollywood Studios, or a spooky Mickey Mummy popcorn bucket. The Disney parks popcorn buckets have always been intricately designed and one of the best souvenirs for all fans. Disney World has a refillable popcorn bucket for every Disney lover in your family.

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If you’re ready to learn more here is the complete guide to the 2023 refillable popcorn buckets at Disney World! 

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What is the 2023 Refillable Popcorn Bucket Disney?


So what is the 2023 refillable popcorn bucket in Disney World? The unique Disney popcorn bucket can be purchased and refilled as many times as you would like for the duration of your trip. It doesn’t matter what year you plan to visit Walt Disney World, there will always be a Disney refillable popcorn bucket in the shape of a character you’ll love! The reason being Disney World refillable popcorn buckets vary in design and price depending on which theme park you buy from.

Disney popcorn buckets can also be found all over Disneyland Resort, as now this refillable snack is becoming rather popular at the west coast park, as well. So make sure to keep reading to see all of the newest and coolest popcorn buckets at Disneyland 2023.

We have found that the Disney popcorn buckets have been the best and most useful souvenirs that we bring back from every trip as Annual Passholders. Not only are your popcorn refills only $2, you also get incredible unique characters that are perfect for decor or momentos.

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What is the Newest Disney Popcorn bucket for 2023?


What are the new Disney World Popcorn buckets?

  • Disney100 Purple Popcorn Bucket
  • Yellow Annual Passholder Popcorn Bucket
  • Disney100 Pumba Popcorn Bucket
  • Disney100 Silver Cinderella Coach Bucket

With the beginning of Disney’s 100th Year Celebration, we have seen the addition of some really neat Disney World popcorn buckets. Disney World brought back the Disney Skyliner popcorn bucket, which was a huge fan favorite when it was released last.

While the Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary popcorn buckets, might be gone, we know that there are going to be incredible new buckets coming!  Right now, the Disney popcorn bucket 2023 for the Disney100 is a simple purple bucket with classic Disney characters on it. We also have the Disney100 Cinderella Popcorn bucket and the Pumba popcorn bucket arriving in parks too!

Star War fans can still enjoy a Millennium Falcon popcorn bucket at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

What are the new Disneyland Popcorn buckets 2023?

  • Mickey Trick or Treat Halloween Disneyland Popcorn Bucket
  • Mickey’s Toontown – Yummy! El Capitoon Theater Popcorn Bucket – Disneyland popcorn bucket
  • Disney100 Purple Popcorn Bucket
  • Disney100 Silver Cinderella Coach Bucket
  • AT-AT Star Wars Disneyland popcorn bucket
  • Iridescent Mickey Balloon “Magic Key” bucket

Disneyland Resort has been making some waves with their adorable Disneyland popcorn buckets that have come with the return of the Main Street Electrical Parade.

As we come into the holiday season, we have seen that the newest Disney parks popcorn buckets coming to Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort are incredible! Right now you can purchase the Mickey and Friends Disney popcorn bucket in most of the Disney parks. Disneyland has been blazing the way for Disney’s 100th celebration with the most incredible merchandise.

We’ve seen the Disneyland popcorn bucket 100th Silver Cinderella Coach available for guests to buy at various popcorn carts. For the spooky season, Disneyland and Walt Disney World gets the Mickey Mummy popcorn bucket for Halloween and a Disney Christmas tree bucket for Christmas at Disney!

Can I buy Disney popcorn buckets at Disney Springs 2023?

Yes, you can typically find Disney popcorn buckets at various popcorn carts at Disney Springs.

At times, you can also find the exclusive Annual Passholder Jack Skellington Disney popcorn bucket in Disney Springs. If you’re not an Annual Passholder, you can purchase the glow in the dark Mickey and Friends bucket instead!

We are hoping that Disney releases a ton of designs for the 100th Anniversary Celebration. Disney has been a bit lacking when it comes to current Disney popcorn buckets offered in Disney Springs. Disney Springs popcorn can be found at various carts around the shopping center, where you can buy the available buckets.

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Where Can You Buy Disney World Popcorn Buckets?


So, where can you buy the 2023 Disney popcorn buckets? Disney World popcorn buckets can be purchased at the following locations:

  • Magic Kingdom
  • Hollywood Studios
  • Animal Kingdom
  • Disney Springs
  • Disneyland Park
  • Disney’s California Adventure Park
  • Downtown Disney District

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How Much Does a 2023 Refillable Popcorn Bucket in Disney World Cost?


The short answer is 2023 Disney World Refillable Popcorn buckets will cost:

  • Low side: $10.00
  • High side: $30.00

2023 Disney parks popcorn buckets will vary in price depending on which one you decide to purchase. However most Disney World refillable popcorn buckets will cost between $10.00 to $30.00. As we discussed the unique thing about the refillable popcorn buckets are you can refill them as many times as you would like during the entire stay of your trip for $2.00 per refill.

This can be a huge money saver if your family has a big appetite as the cost of a regular popcorn snack is  around $5.00.

Popcorn carts all throughout Disneyland park also offer discounted refills on the Disneyland popcorn buckets purchased during your stay. The new Silver Cinderella Coach popcorn bucket Disney costs $30, which is the highest price we’ve seen for them. We are sure that new 100th Disney World popcorn bucket could cost upwards of $30, so be prepared if you want one to bring home!

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Is a Disney Refillable Popcorn Bucket Part of the Disney Dining Plan?


As of the time we are writing this guide the Disney dining plan is temporarily on hold, however based on years past the 2023 Disney World Refillable popcorn bucket will not be part Disney dining. It’s important to note that the regular $5.00 popcorn snack we discussed above and the $2.00 refills are considered a snack credit as part of the Disney Dining Plan. However there are so many better options and better values to use this snack credit on then to refill your refillable Disney popcorn bucket.

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Where Can I Buy a Disney Refillable Popcorn Bucket in 2023?

Disney refillable popcorn buckets can only be purchased in the Disney theme parks, water parks, and Disney Springs or Downtown Disney. Unfortunately buckets for popcorn refills at Disney World cannot be purchased at any of the Disney World on-site hotels.

Where Can I Refill my Disney Popcorn Bucket?

Very simply, bring your Disney refillable popcorn bucket to any of the participating refillable popcorn cart locations located in The Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, Disneyland, Disney’s California Adventure, both water parks and Disney Springs.

The good news regarding 2023 Disney refillable popcorn buckets is once you are in one of the theme parks, water parks, and Disney springs there are a bunch of popcorn carts around the parks to purchase Disney popcorn. Here are the following locations to purchase refillable popcorn buckets in Disney World.

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What are the Magic Kingdom Refillable Popcorn Bucket Locations?

The Magic Kingdom refillable popcorn bucket locations are:

  • Castle Plaza Refillable Popcorn Cart – Right outside on the left side of Tomorrowland, and to the right of Cinderellas castle
  • Main Street Refillable Popcorn Cart – Located directly to the left of guest relations
  • Tomorrowland Popcorn Cart – This refillable popcorn cart in Disney World is located to the left of Space Mountain
  • Fantasyland Storybook Circus refillable popcorn cart – Located in the storybook area of Fantasyland
  • Fantasyland Maurice’s refillable popcorn cart – Located between Ariel’s Undersea Adventure and Gaston’s Tavern
  • Liberty Square refillable popcorn cart – Located next to Liberty Tree Tavern
  • Big Thunder Mountain refillable popcorn cart – Located outside of the Big Thunder Mountain ride
  • Westward Ho Refreshments refillable popcorn cart – Located outside of Westward Ho refreshments
  • Adventureland refillable popcorn snack cart – Located in the middle of Jungle Cruise and Pirates of the Caribbean

The 2023 Magic Kingdom refillable popcorn bucket designs:

  • Disney100 Purple Bucket
  • Mickey and Friends
  • Annual Passholder Yellow Bucket

The 2023 Magic Kingdom refillable popcorn buckets are usually some of the most popular and quickest to sell out. One of the main reasons is the Magic Kingdom Disney refillable popcorn buckets tend to be limited edition holiday buckets. The Magic Kingdom also has a lot of Disney refillable buckets themed after classic Disney characters such as Mickey & Minnie holiday popcorn buckets, Steamboat Willie popcorn bucket, Pluto Popcorn bucket to name a few!

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What are the What are the 2023 Disney Hollywood Studios Popcorn Bucket Locations?


The Disney Hollywood Studios popcorn bucket locations are:

  • Hub refillable popcorn cart – Located next to the Hyperion Theater
  • Hollywood Studios Hot and Fresh refillable popcorn cart – Located right past the Starbucks building
  • Hollywood Hills Amphitheater – Located directly outside of the nighttime show Fantasmic
  • Animation Courtyard refillable popcorn cart – Located inside of the animation courtyard

The Disney Hollywood Studios popcorn bucket types:

  • Millennium Falcon popcorn bucket

Hollywood Studios has some of the most popular refillable popcorn buckets in all of Walt Disney World. We are excited to see what the 2023 refillable Disney World popcorn buckets will look like, but in the past we have seen AT AT popcorn buckets, green Martian popcorn bucket, millennium falcon popcorn bucket, and so many more!

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What are the 2023 EPCOT Popcorn Bucket Locations?

The EPCOT popcorn bucket locations are:

  • Future World refillable popcorn cart – Located directly outside of the EPCOT pin trading station
  • Refillable popcorn cart Future World East  – Located directly outside of Test Track
  • Future World West refillable popcorn cart – Located outside of the Imagination Pavilion
  • Fife and Drum Tavern refillable popcorn cart – Located on the right side of the American Pavilion
  • Canada Pavilion refillable popcorn cart – Located inside of Canada

One of the coolest parts about an EPCOT popcorn bucket is that many of the locations have flavored popcorn refills. This can be a different change of pace for your taste buds. The best location to bring your EPCOT popcorn bucket if you are looking for flavored popcorn is the Future World West refillable popcorn cart and the Canada refillable popcorn cart for maple flavored popcorn.

What are the EPCOT Popcorn bucket types?

  • Disney Skyliner popcorn bucket
  • Mickey and Friends Popcorn bucket
  • Disney100 Purple Bucket

Is Figment bucket still available?

Unfortunately, the super popular Figment popcorn bucket was only sold for a limited time during the Festival of the Arts. We are hoping that each festival comes with cool new popcorn buckets in the future! Sometimes Disney popcorn buckets for sale are extremely limited and hard to get, such as the Figment bucket!

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What are the 2023 Popcorn Bucket Animal Kingdom Locations?


The refillable popcorn buckets in Animal Kingdom are:

  • The Feeding Ground refillable popcorn cart – Located in Discovery Island
  • The Corn-Ivore refillable popcorn cart – Located inside of Dinoland
  • Harambe Market refillable popcorn cart – Located inside of Africa
  • Mahindi Snack refillable popcorn cart – Located inside of Africa
  • Thirsty River Bar and Trek refillable popcorn cart – Located outside of Expedition Everest

The refillable popcorn bucket types:

  • Disney100 Purple Bucket
  • Simba bucket
  • Mickey and Friends bucket
  • Pumba Popcorn bucket

Animal Kingdom has a huge following of devoted Disney fans who love the unique theme of the park. Disney has done a great job of releasing some very cool 2023 special edition popcorn buckets in Disney World. A few of the most popular popcorn buckets we have seen are the Simba popcorn bucket, Stitch popcorn bucket , and many more!

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What are the 2023 Disneyland Popcorn Bucket locations?


The Disneyland popcorn craze has always been around and there are many different popcorn carts located throughout both California parks. Disneyland refillable popcorn buckets 2023 have really come a long way, and we are seeing so many more souvenir popcorn buckets being designed for this park. First, we are going to share all of the current Disneyland popcorn stations between the two parks!

The Disneyland popcorn locations are:

  • Popcorn cart near Carthay Circle Restaurant
  • Popcorn cart near Central Plaza
  • Popcorn cart near City Hall
  • Popcorn cart at Cozy Cone Motel
  • Popcorn cart near Fantasyland Theatre
  • Popcorn cart near Gadget’s Go Coaster
  • Popcorn cart at Grizzly Peak Airfield
  • Popcorn cart near Haunted Mansion
  • Popcorn cart at small world Promenade
  • Popcorn cart near Mark Twain Riverboat
  • Popcorn cart at Pixar Pier
  • Popcorn cart near Star Trader

What are the  2023 Disneyland popcorn bucket types?

So, what popcorn buckets are at Disneyland in 2023? The popcorn buckets at Disneyland are really stepping it up on the West Coast, as we’ve seen a ton of new designs pop up in the parks. You can even find the Tow Mater popcorn bucket in DCA to represent the Cars Universe in Disneyland popcorn bucket form.

  • Disney100 Purple Bucket
  • Disney100 Silver Cinderella Coach
  • AT-AT Star Wars popcorn bucket – can be found at the Tomorrowland popcorn cart
  • Rainbow Iridescent Mickey Balloon
  • Tow Mater Premium Bucket

Disneyland also partook in the Disneyland Halloween Popcorn bucket in 2022, and had the super popular Mummy Mickey popcorn bucket, which was a big hit. We also saw the Zero popcorn bucket for this Halloween season, which was an adorable light up specialty Disney bucket.

We also anticipate that Disneyland will up its popcorn game and keep up with Walt Disney World with new 2023 Disneyland popcorn buckets.

Does California Adventure have popcorn buckets?

Yes, Disney’s California Adventure typically offers the same Disneyland popcorn buckets that are offered in Disneyland Park. With that being said, there are unique and specific popcorn buckets to just DCA that we have seen in the past. For the holidays, we saw the exclusive holiday 2022 Toy Story popcorn bucket that was only sold in DCA, which was super popular. Popcorn buckets Disney popularity has risen at Disneyland, and we are seeing a lot more releases on the West Coast too!

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How Much are the 50th Popcorn Buckets at Disney World?


The various 50th Anniversary Popcorn buckets that have been released have been between $18 – $30 depending on which one you’ve purchased. If you happened to grab the first release of the 50th Anniversary Mickey Popcorn bucket, it was $18.99 and sold only in Magic Kingdom. That Mickey 50th popcorn bucket is still being sold in the parks for that price, but there has been a few 50th releases since.

  • Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride Popcorn Bucket (Limited release) – $30 regular, $28 with Annual Pass

Even though the Figment Popcorn Bucket was released during Festival of the Arts, some have also considered that a 50th Anniversary Popcorn bucket, which sold for $25. With the Disney100 celebration, we think that Disney World popcorn buckets are going to start around $30 for special designs.

What are the 2023 seasonal popcorn buckets at Walt Disney World (Holiday Popcorn buckets)?

As of late, every single holiday season has come with new popcorn buckets which tend to change each year. Sometimes, Disney does bring popular past popcorn buckets back, such as the Mummy Mickey popcorn bucket was here for the 2021 and 2o22 Halloween season. When it comes to Christmastime, we have gotten new and shiny Christmas popcorn buckets which have been super impressive and definitely worth the money.

Halloween Disney popcorn buckets:

  • Oogie Boogie Popcorn Bucket (2020)
  • Mickey Pumpkin Popcorn Bucket (2019, 2020)
  • Mickey Mummy Bucket (2021, 2022)
  • Jack Skellington Head Popcorn Bucket (2021)
  • Light Up Zero Popcorn Bucket (2022)

Christmas Disney popcorn buckets:

  • Little Green Men Popcorn Bucket (2019)
  • Green Light Up Mickey Christmas Tree (2019)
  • White Light Up Mickey Christmas Tree (2020)
  • Golden Light Up Mickey Christmas Tree (2021)
  • Toy Story Christmas Blocks Bucket (2021 & 2022)
  • Musical Tin Mickey Popcorn Bucket (2022)

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2023 Disney Refillable Popcorn Bucket Tips and Tricks


Remember, it doesn’t matter which park you purchase your Disney popcorn bucket 2023 from. Whether you’re at Disneyland or Disney World, you can purchase a refill for your bucket at any of the four Disney theme parks, two water parks, and Disney Springs.

Don’t leave your Disney popcorn bucket behind! These buckets are not just for popcorn; they’re collectibles. Make sure to take them home as a souvenir. You never know when you’re going to find a creative use for them. For instance, one year, I used my Pluto popcorn bucket as a Christmas tree topper. True story!

Tips and tricks for Disney popcorn buckets

  • Ask for your $2.00 refill to be in a regular Disney popcorn box. This way, you can pour half into your themed Disney refillable popcorn bucket and share the box if you’re with a large group. This is especially handy if you have the 2022 Disneyland popcorn bucket or the anticipated Disney popcorn bucket 2023.
  • If you’re planning to get the unique Disney AT-AT popcorn bucket, remember to ask for a Disney parks shopping bag to wrap your bucket for the trip home. This ensures that even if there’s some popcorn left over in the bucket, your bag remains clean.

How long are Disney popcorn buckets good for?

  • Disney popcorn buckets, whether it’s the Disneyworld popcorn bucket or the Disneyland refillable popcorn bucket, are typically good for the duration of your visit. However, always check the terms when purchasing.

Understanding the Refill System

Disney’s popcorn buckets aren’t just about the aesthetic appeal; they offer a practical advantage too! The Disney popcorn bucket refill system is a favorite among park visitors.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Purchase a Refillable Bucket: First, you need to purchase one of the refillable popcorn buckets. This could be the latest Disney popcorn bucket 2023 or any other design from previous years.
  2. Enjoy and Empty: Savor the delicious popcorn and once you’re done, don’t fret! The magic isn’t over yet.
  3. Refill for a Nominal Fee: Approach any popcorn stand across the Disney parks. For a small fee, you can have your bucket refilled. This ensures that you have a constant supply of crunchy, buttery popcorn to munch on as you explore the magic of Disney.
  4. Keep the Bucket: Once your trip is over, the bucket serves as a wonderful souvenir to take home. Not only does it remind you of the fun times, but it’s also a collector’s item, especially if you have one of the limited edition designs.

The refill system is not just economical but also environmentally friendly, reducing the need for disposable popcorn containers. So, the next time you’re at Disney, make sure to take advantage of this system and enjoy endless snacking!

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2023 Disney Refillable Popcorn Buckets Q&A


Q: How Much Does a Disney Refillable Popcorn Bucket Cost to Refill?

A: It cost just $2:00 to refill your Disney popcorn bucket!

Q: Do Disney popcorn buckets expire?

A: Yes, Disney popcorn buckets are valid for the length of your trip. You can of course take your popcorn bucket home as a souvenir!

Q: How Long Can I refill my Disney Refillable Popcorn Bucket?

A: Disney popcorn buckets can be refilled through the length of your stay!

Q: Does the Disney Refillable Popcorn bucket come with different flavors?

A: Yes, the most popular locations for various flavors are in EPCOT where guests can enjoy Maple flavored popcorn in Canada, and Sour Cream & Chive, Cheddar, and Buffalo Bleu Cheese outside of Journey into Imagination.

Q: Where can I buy Simba popcorn bucket?

A: You can buy the 2023 Simba popcorn bucket at Disney’s Animal Kingdom at the popcorn carts around the park.

Q: How much does the Simba popcorn bucket cost?

A: The Simba popcorn bucket cost is $16.99 for each bucket bought.

Q: Can you buy Disney popcorn buckets online?

A: Disney does not sell its official popcorn buckets online. Current Disney popcorn buckets can be purchased inside of the parks or at Disney Springs or Downtown Disney at participating popcorn carts.

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