How Much Time Do You Need at Universal Studios Orlando?


How Much Time Do You Need at Universal Studios Orlando?

One of the most common questions we receive at The Park Prodigy is, how many days do you need at Universal Studios?  This answer isn’t as easy as it sounds as every family has different goals and plans while in Orlando. Universal Orlando also has many different ticket options and benefits including standard park tickets, park-to-park tickets, Universal express passes, and Universal early park admission. In this post we will cover how many days you will need for Universal Orlando based on the four options above, as well as the best days to visit Universal Studios Orlando.

We hope you find this post helpful! Our goal at The Park Prodigy has always been to help you save time and money on your next Universal Orlando vacation!  If you are planning a trip to Universal Orlando be sure to check out the latest deals on Universal Orlando vacation packages and our discounted Universal Orlando tickets which include EARLY PARK ADMISSION to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

So if you’re ready to learn how many days for Universal Florida read on!

SPECIAL NOTE: If you need help picking the best time to visit Universal Orlando for your next vacation be sure to check out our Universal crowd calendar!

 Universal Orlando Crowd Calendar

How Many Days Needed For Universal Studios


Regardless of if you plan on spending 5 days at Universal Studios or just one there are a few tips and tricks we recommend to make sure you get the most out of your time in Orlando!

Tips and Tricks When Deciding How Many Days at Universal Orlando:

  • Be okay with the fact that you might not be able to do it all. This tip is true no matter the length of your trip, and one of the most common mistakes we see many families make. The entire point of a Universal Orlando vacation is to relax and have fun as a family. Hopefully after reading this article you will know exactly how many days you need for Universal Studios Orlando. Always plan and be as prepared as possible but don’t forget to enjoy your trip!
  • Be sure to always take advantage of Early Park Admission when you can! Luckily for you all of our Discounted Universal Orlando Tickets include early park admission to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.
  • Universal Orlando will run theme park ticket deals throughout the year with an additional day or two in the park for FREE. Be sure to ask us if there are specials when purchasing your Universal Orlando tickets. This will allow you extra time in the parks and can help you figure out how many days you need at Universal. 
  • It’s Important to mention if you do plan on visiting all Universal Orlando theme parks in anything less than three days you will need a Park-to-Park ticket.

Should we visit Universal Volcano Bay When Planning Our Trip?

One of the most common questions we receive when helping our clients plan how many days are need for Universal Studios is if they should include Universal’s Volcano Bay water park. Now this is really a personal preference and entirely up to you but we will say if you have any plans on visiting a water park while in Orlando this is simply a must! This water park is really on another level and lives up the hype around it as Universal considers it to be their third theme park. It has amazing thrill water rides as well as relaxing selections, plus you can enjoy your very own private cabana and premium seating. 

How Many Days at Universal Orlando to See All Three Theme Parks?


So how many days do you need at Universal Orlando to see all three parks?

  • Quick Answer: 3 Days

The easiest way to enjoy a Universal Orlando Vacation is to plan one day for each Universal theme park. Sure you can do it in two if you have a great game plan or maybe even the express pass (more on that later) but why not take the extra day. This will allow you to take advantage of everything the theme parks have to offer.

It’s important to note that even 3 days might not be enough if you plan on visiting during some of the busier times of the year at Universal. If you do need help picking the best time to visit be sure to check out our Universal Orlando crowd calendar!


How Many Days at Universal Studios Orlando to See All Three Theme Parks and Relax?

  • Quick Answer: 4-5 Days

As discussed above you only need one day at each of the Universal Orlando theme parks but why not take the extra day to relax. We also always recommend an additional day to go back and ride any of your favorite attractions one last time. This will also allow you to go ride any of the rides you loved or missed again! The best part is you might be able to purchase promotional tickets which allow you an extra day in the theme parks for no additional cost.

How Many Days Do You Need at Universal Studios Three Theme Parks


There are three theme parks at Universal Orlando which are Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, and Volcano Bay Water Park. So how many days you need at Universal Studios Orlando if you only plan on visiting one or two?

How Many Days at Universal Studios?

  • Short Answer: One Day

You will find that you can accomplish a lot at Universal Studios in one day. However you will want to have a game plan and figure out your must do rides before arriving at the theme parks. You will also want to go on the popular rides such as Rip Rise Rockit and Escape From Gringotts first.

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How Many Days at Islands of Adventure?

  • Short Answer: One Day

Islands of Adventure is a tricky park when trying to figure out how long to do Universal Studios. The main reason is the newest attraction Hagrids Motorbike Adventure which can have longer than normal wait times. However this is just like Universal Studios and as long as you have a game plan you should be able to visit this theme park in one day.


How Many Days at Universals Volcano Bay?


So how many days for Volcano Bay:

  • Short Answer: One Day

You would be surprised at just how much fun you will have at Volcano Bay! The fact that this is a water park tricks many into thinking this is not an all day event! We suggest you leave yourself an entire day to enjoy everything that this amazing park has to offer.

How Many Days in Universal Orlando with Express Passes?


Universal express passes can be helpful if you only have a day or two to visit Universal Orlando! We have found that this will help you see almost everything you would want to see in two days! Be prepared though, as those are two jammed pack days of non stop fun. We would always suggest to take the extra day as your Universal Orlando vacation would be more relaxing and enjoyable.


How Many Days in Universal Orlando with Early Park Admission?


Universal Orlando Early Park admission allows you to enter one of the Universal Orlando theme parks one hour early. This can be a huge time saver later on in the day and we always recommend our guests take advantage of this anytime they can. This can absolutely help you if you’re trying to see everything one theme park has to offer in one single day.

However you would still recommend at least three days if you trying to figure out how many days at Universal Orlando’s three theme parks. And as discussed all of the Universal Orlando Tickets sold by The Park Prodigy come with Early Park Admission!

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How Many Days To Do Universal Orlando – Conclusion

So How Many Days For Universal Orlando?

  • The simple answer is stay for three days if you can afford to and plan around that! No matter how long you stay at Universal Orlando if you plan your trip the right way you will have a great time.
  • Ideal Length – 3-4 days is the best length if you are looking to visit all three Universal Orlando theme parks.
  • Short Trips- The most important thing to remember with quick trips is to plan your days and pick exactly which rides you want to see. You won’t be able to do it all and that’s okay!

When Is The Best Time To Visit Universal Orlando?


Our Universal Orlando Crowd Calendar is the best tool to help you get the most out of your time in the parks. We breakdown the park crowds, park hours of operation, ticket prices by day, and average temperature.

Are You Ready to Plan Your Next Universal Orlando Trip?

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