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Early Park Admission: No one likes to wait on long lines! Purchase your tickets from us and SAVE UP TO THREE HOURS in the parks with Early Park Admission! All Park Prodigy customers will get into one the following Universal areas ONE HOUR EARLY: 

  • The Wizarding World of Harry Potter
  • Universal’s Volcano Bay

Free Universal Touring Plans: Don’t stress out about which rides to go on and when. Our Universal touring plans will help you build the perfect itinerary to avoid the crowds throughout the day and save a ton of time on lines!

Magic Rewards Program: Our clients can save up to $50 per ticket! All Park Prodigy customers are automatically eligible for our Magic Rewards Program. This program allows you to earn Visa Gift Card dollars for every real dollar you spend with us. The best part is you can use this Visa Gift Card towards the purchase of your tickets which is less money out of your pocket!

Magically Carbon Free: Let’s fight climate change together and leave the theme parks cleaner for our grandkids! The Park Prodigy will offset the carbon footprint of your air travel or car ride to Universal Orlando at NO additional cost!

Authorized Universal Vacation Planners: We are Universal Orlando experts committed to helping you plan a family vacation your loved ones will never forget! Be sure to check out our TrustPilot reviews! 

Over $150 Worth of Value Absolutely FREE (for a family of four)

It’s time to kick down the gates and let loose with all your favorite people. Your next Universal vacation is about to open up all kinds of awesome-in all the best ways. Universal Orlando Resort’s three theme parks plus all the entertainment across our entire destination are yours to enjoy, explore and experience some crazy special times that no one will ever forget.

Guests looking to buy discount Universal Orlando tickets can choose from two different options when shopping at theparkprodigy.com. These options include standard Universal Orlando base tickets and Universal Orlando park-t0-park tickets. Kick-start your magical vacation with tickets to Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure and Universal’s Volcano Bay. 

Date Based Universal Orlando Tickets: With date-based tickets guests can now purchase discounted Universal Orlando tickets based on the dates you choose to visit the Universal theme parks. Prices will fluctuate based on off-peak seasons, and all tickets need to be used within a specific period.

For more information on how we can offer you the best ticket prices and make your vacation-planning a breeze, continue reading below.

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Before purchasing the above tickets please be sure to check the Disney Ticket Reservation system above to see if your desired theme park reservation is available! To enter one of the parks, in addition to valid admission, each guest is required to make a theme park reservation via the Disney Park Pass system.

After you purchase your Walt Disney World tickets from The Park Prodigy we can help you link your tickets to your My Disney Experience Account and also make your Disney Park Reservations free of charge. Be sure to reach out to us if you do have any questions about the new reservation system.

The Park Prodigy is a registered Disney Travel Agency and we will order your tickets for you at the price quoted above through the Walt Disney Travel Company. All Walt Disney World Tickets we sell are the exact same tickets you would purchase at the theme parks plus you will get all of the added benefits of purchasing from our small business. Be sure to check out our customer reviews at TrustPilot.

All Park Prodigy customers will receive the below benefits and products at NO ADDITIONAL COST:

  • Magic Rewards Program: Our clients save an average of $40.00 per ticket! Park Prodigy customers are automatically enrolled into our Magic Rewards Program. This program allows you to earn Disney Gift Card dollars for every real dollar you spend with us. The best part is you can use this Disney Gift Card towards the purchase of your tickets which means less money out of your pocket!
  • Free Disney Touring Plans: No one likes to wait on long lines! Our Disney World touring plans will help you build the perfect itinerary to avoid the crowds throughout the day and help you SAVE UP TO THREE HOURS in the parks! (Over a $15 value) 
  • Magically Carbon Free: Let’s fight climate change together and leave the theme parks cleaner for our grandkids! We offset the carbon footprint of your air travel or car ride to Walt Disney World at NO additional cost!
  • Free E-Book: All customers receive a free Disney Vacation planning e-book with over 60 pages of useful tips and tricks to help you plan an amazing trip! (Over a $20 value) 
  • All Tickets are Fastpass+ and Magic Band enabled

OVER $200 Worth of Value Absolutely FREE (for a family of four) 

Customer Service is Our Top Priority

We pride ourselves on fast customer service. All orders received during normal hours Mon-Fri (8:00 AM – 5:00 PM) will be processed within a few hours. On Saturdays and Sundays (9:00 AM-2:00 PM) your order will be processed within 24 hours.

All discounts quoted above will be applied using a Disney Gift Card and are only available to guests who purchase their tickets from The Park Prodigy. 

Updated February 2021: Universals Volcano bay is scheduled to reopen on March 1st 2021! We are still waiting to see if Volcano Bay Water Park will operate under modified park hours and if there will be Volcano Bay price updates. Be sure to check back with this post for the most up to date news and different ways to purchase discounted Universal Orlando tickets!  

SPECIAL PROMOTION: Stay tuned in this article as we explain how you can gain access to Universals Volcano Bay up to ONE HOUR EARLY with The Park Prodigy! 

Benefits of Buying Your Universal Volcano Bay Tickets From The Park Prodigy

Take your vacation to the next level by adding Universal Volcano bay to your Orlando vacation! Home to some of the most amazing water rides in the world, Universal Volcano bay is the perfect mix between thrill and luxury. Below are some of the amazing benefits you get when you purchase your Volcano Bay tickets from The Park Prodigy!

Early Park Admission With The Park Prodigy!

Who doesn’t love saving time in the parks? After all the less time you wait on lines the more time you get to spend relaxing by the pool!

But what if you aren’t staying in a Universal hotel, is it still possible to get early park admission?

YES, it is! All guests who purchase their Universal Orlando tickets from The Park Prodigy will receive EARLY PARK ADMISSION! That means you get to enjoy The Wizarding World of Harry Potter or Universal Volcano bay up to one hour before everyone else!

This can save you hours in the parks later on in the day and can be a huge game changer for everyone looking to purchase Universal one day park-to-park tickets!

Below is a quick video showing how easy it is to purchase your discount Universal Orlando tickets from The Park Prodigy!

Discount Universal Volcano Bay Tickets


Take your vacation to the next level with a visit to Universal’s Volcano Bay water park. Made up of four different lands filled with one of a kind water rides and tropical beaches.

This beautiful oasis will completely immerse you into a lush tropical landscape and makes the perfect destination for a day full of fun in the sun with your family.

In this post we’ll break down all of the Volcano Bay ticket options, as well as how you can purchase Volcano Bay Discount tickets! 

What is Universal’s Volcano Bay?

Legend has it, Volcano Bay was discovered by a group of voyagers traveling the ocean blue. A magic fish is said to have led the Waturi (Volcano Bay islanders) directly to Volcano Bay. The voyagers settled and turned it into their home—creating epic water slides and fun aquatic activities to celebrate their love of water.

Beyond an excellent founding story, this water park is themed to perfection. You’ll feel as if you’re walking through an island paradise with beautifully manicured palm trees and greenery around every corner. Call us crazy, but we think this kind of theming really takes this water park to next-level!

How Much Does it Cost to Go to Volcano Bay?

So you’re interested, but how much is Volcano Bay? As you will see as we break it down in this post the price of your Volcano Bay water park tickets depends on how many days you visit.

Volcano Bay Ticket Prices 


The ticket cost for Volcano Bay water park is broken into two age groups:

  • Ages 3-9
  • Ages 10+

(Children under the age of 3 receive free admission!)

A one day admission ticket to Universal’s Volcano bay starts at $80.00 for adults, and $75.00 for kids. It’s important to note that Volcano Bay prices 2021 might be different than for the remainder of 2020.

Volcano Bay Prices – One Day

Ticket Type Adult (10+) Child (3-9)
1-Day – Volcano Bay Ticket Prices $80.00+ $75.0+

It’s important to note that the pricing shown above is also the same pricing you would pay for a Volcano Bay ticket price at gate. 

Guests can also upgrade their Volcano Bay admission and purchase the Volcano Bay Express Pass. This ticket will grant you access to skip the lines for a full day. It does cost extra and in our opinion is not necessary for every family.

When Can I Use My Volcano Bay Tickets?

One day Volcano Bay tickets are only valid for the specific date you select when purchasing your ticket. This is why it’s so important to have a solid game plan for your visit to Universal’s Volcano Bay water park. You can however change your one day Volcano Bay ticket to a new date if you are unable to attend the water park on the day you planned.

This period is different for guests who are purchasing multiple day tickets to Universal Orlando and Volcano Bay. These guests can enjoy their Volcano Bay tickets for a three day window longer than the number of days of admission. This will allow for guests to take a break if they would like to relax at the hotel.

What is the Best Way To Purchase Volcano Bay Discount Tickets? 

We recommend to always check back with us, as we will run Volcano Bay Discount deals throughout the year!

The best part is all Park Prodigy Universal Orlando tickets will allow you to enter the park ONE HOUR EARLY for Universal early admission! 

Other Volcano Bay Discount Ticket Tricks & Tips!


Purchase Multi-day Universal Orlando Tickets

Very similar to Walt Disney World Tickets , the longer you stay and play at Universal Orlando the more you will save! This will reduce the cost of your Volcano Bay Orlando tickets. 

And yes, we understand that many of you are looking for Volcano Bay tickets only. However we always recommend to our clients to do as much research as possible when comparing Universal Volcano Bay ticket prices.

Compare the ticket prices below before purchasing your Volcano Bay tickets. 

Multi-day tickets (2 days of longer) do not fall into a tier and can be used any day of that calendar year.

2-Park Multi-Day Tickets: Tickets expire after 7 consecutive days of first use.

3-Park Multi-Day Tickets: Tickets expire after 7 consecutive days of first  use.

Ticket Type Adult (10+) Child (3-9)
2-Day – 2 Park (One Park Per Day) Ticket $234.99
2-Day – 2 Park (Park-to-Park) Ticket
2-Day – 3 Park (Park-to-Park) Ticket $349.99
3-Day – 2 Park (One Park Per Day) Ticket $254.99 $244.99
3-Day – 2 Park (Park-to-Park) Ticket $314.99
3-Day – 3 Park (One Park Per Day) Ticket $309.99 $299.99
3-Day – 3 Park (Park-to-Park) Ticket
4-Day – 2 Park (One Park Per Day) Ticket $264.99. $254.99.
4-Day – 2 Park (Park-to-Park) Ticket $329.99 $319.99
4-Day – 3 Park (One Park Per Day) Ticket $329.99
4-Day – 3 Park (Park-to-Park) Ticket $394.99 $384.99
5-Day – 2 Park (One Park Per Day) Ticket $274.99 $264.99
5-Day – 2 Park (Park-to-Park) Ticket $344.99
5-Day – 3 Park (One Park Per Day) Ticket $349.99 $339.99
5-Day – 3 Park (Park-to-Park) Ticket $419.99 $409.99

Buy Your Universal Tickets Ahead of Time

The easiest way to guarantee you’re purchasing the cheapest Universal Volcano Bay tickets is to purchase your tickets in advance. This is especially true right now as the prices of Universal and Disney tickets going into 2021 are likely to go up!

If you know you have a trip coming up, the easiest thing to do is purchase your Volcano Bay tickets online!

Double Check Ticket Cost for Volcano Bay During Slow Season

Using our Universal Crowd Calendar can not only save you time in the parks but it can help you purchase discount Volcano Bay tickets when buying 2 days or more. We will help you plan your vacation around the least crowded days.

Smaller crowds and less wait times will also mean you’ll need to spend fewer days in the parks, and fewer days means you save more on tickets.

Universal Studios Discount Volcano Bay Deals

Just like we will run Discount Volcano bay ticket deals at The Park Prodigy so will Universal Orlando from time to time. The best part is you can still take advantage of those savings through our travel agency and receive Early Park Admission.

To purchase Volcano Bay Water Park Tickets call us at 407-630-8650, or check out our Discount Universal Orlando tickets page! 

Volcano Bay Tickets Florida Residents

Universal Orlando always offers great Volcano Bay admission ticket discounts to Florida residents. Be sure to let your travel agent know you live in Florida when purchasing your discount Volcano Bay tickets! 

The Park Prodigy Volcano Bay Tickets


All of our Universal Orlando Volcano Bay tickets are the exact same tickets you would receive if you purchased from Universal directly. The best park is you can combine your Volcano Bay one day ticket with any vacation package booked through our travel agency.

All guests can also combine tickets for Volcano Bay Universal with any deals that are already being held through Universal Orlando. For instance you can combine the gift card points from our Magic Rewards program towards any discount tickets being offered by Universal.

The best part is you can price out multi-day and buy Volcano Bay tickets online using our website! Be sure to reach out to us to learn more about how you can purchase tickets for Volcano Bay. 

Discount Volcano Bay Tickets Early Entry

Guest’s who purchase their Volcano Bay tickets from The Park Prodigy (or other travel agents like us) or who stay at a Universal Orlando hotel can access the theme parks one hour before regular schedule.

This can make a huge difference during the off-peak periods when Universal parks tend to close earlier in the day. Keep this early park admission in mind when using the theme park hours on our Universal Orlando crowd calendar.

Are Volcano Bay Tickets Refundable?


The Park Prodigy follows the refund and cancelation policies put forward by our vendors. Volcano Bay tickets are non-refundable, however they CAN be used towards the price of new tickets in the future.

This would be the same policy if you purchased Volcano bay tickets at the gate. 

How Much is it to Park at Volcano Bay? 

Parking is another thing that will cost a few dollars extra when visiting Volcano Bay. This is especially true when you are only visiting Volcano Bay water park for one day.

The Park Prodigy has a complete guide to parking at Universal Orlando! This way you can budget for exactly how much your Universal Volcano Bay  tickets, parking, and food will cost!

Additional Benefits of Buying Your Volcano Bay Tickets From The Park Prodigy!


Buy Volcano Bay tickets online and receive the following perks:

  1.  Early Park Admission (one hour) to the following parks:
    • The Wizarding World of Harry Potter
    • Universals Volcano Bay
  2. Best Price Guarantee! Our tickets cost the same as the ones you buy from Universal Orlando.
  3. Save up to $20 on multi day tickets off of the gate price by buying in advance
  4. Get the third and fourth day free with select Universal Orlando Tickets

Important Notice

In connection with your purchase of Universal Orlando products and your visit to Universal Orlando, including Universal Studios Florida, Universal’s Islands of Adventure, Universal’s Volcano Bay, Universal CityWalk, and the Universal Orlando Resort hotels, please be advised that you must follow Universal Orlando’s policies, CDC guidelines and the recommendations of health officials. Please note that any public location where people are present provides an inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 and Universal Orlando cannot guarantee that you will not be exposed during your visit. By visiting Universal Orlando, you acknowledge and agree that you assume these inherent risks associated with attendance. When you enter Universal Orlando, you understand that you are subject to the Universal Orlando terms of service (including arbitration, class action waiver, assumption of risk, and infectious disease release of liability) located at Universalorlando.com/safetyinfo

When Is The Best Time To Visit Universal Orlando?

Our Universal Orlando Crowd Calendar is the best tool to help you get the most out of your time in the parks. We break down park crowds, park hours of operation, ticket prices, and average temperature. We also break down the best time to visit Universal Studios based on specific times of the year and special events.

Are You Ready to Plan Your Next Universal Orlando Trip?

If you’re ready to plan your trip to Universal Studios, be sure to check out the best time to visit Universal Studios and our Universal Orlando Tickets! All Park Prodigy Universal Orlando tickets come with Universal Studios Early Park Admission.