Complete Guide to 2023 Universal Harry Potter Wands


Complete Guide to 2023 Universal Harry Potter Wands

Are you still waiting for your Harry Potter letter to come in the mail? Well we’re here to help! This is your complete guide to 2023 Harry Potter wands at Universal Orlando! The Universal Studios wand selection is absolutely amazing, as there are so many to choose from. We also love the theming that goes into it, as you really feel like you’re at Ollivander’s wands in Diagon Alley!

Once you choose the perfect Universal Studios magic wand, you need to know all the interactive spots to unleash your newly discovered powers. In this article, we break down exactly how you choose your interactive Harry Potter Wand, the Harry Potter wand prices, and all of the interactive wand zones around Universal Orlando!

We love using the interactive spells with our Universal Studios Harry Potter wands, and putting our charms skills to the test! As Passholders, we love showing up to the Wizarding World with our wands secured tightly in our Harry Potter robes ready to go.

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If you’re ready for the complete 2023 Harry Potter wand guide read on!

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2023 Harry Potter Wands Guide 

Harry Potter Wands

Some of you might be asking what is the 2023 Harry Potter World wand? If you’re a Harry Potter fan you’re aware that nearly every character in the franchise has their trusty wand. Each witch and wizard chooses a wand for their first year enrolling at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Hence, why it is necessary for those visiting to check out all of the Harry Potter Wands Universal has!  Universal took it to another level and created the Universal Harry Potter Interactive wand, which allows guests to capture the magic.

Well, a Harry Potter interactive wand brings visiting the Wizarding World to a whole other level. When Diagon Alley opened in 2014, it brought a brand-new world of immersive experiences when it came out with interactive wands. In both Harry Potter lands, you can use your interactive wand to feel as if you are a wizard or witch, creating magical experiences throughout the parks.

While this experience is very fun, it is also very popular and can be stressful to partake in if you don’t know all there is to know about interactive wands! That’s why we put together this complete guide on everything you need to know about buying your Harry Potter wand. We are also going to break down everything you need to know to use your wand throughout Universal Orlando! This includes information about harry potter wands list, how much are wands at universal, and harry potter wand guide.

Things to Consider When Buying a Harry Potter Wand

We are going to start with the most basic questions most families will want to start with when deciding if they should buy a Harry Potter interactive wand during their next vacation. We find it best to start with these questions:

  • Will I buy a regular wand or interactive wand?
  • Will I use early park admission so that I don’t wait on a long line?
  • Which location will I buy my Harry Potter wand in?
  • Which spell locations should we visit first?

What is the difference between an interactive Harry Potter wand and a non interactive wand?

In the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios, visitors can choose between two types of wands: interactive and non-interactive. Interactive universal wands, lighter in weight, come with a special reflector tip that interacts with sensors located around Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley, allowing guests to cast spells. These wands come with an Ollivanders wand chart and a map of spellcasting spots, enhancing the magical experience. Non-interactive wands at Universal, on the other hand, are modeled after Harry Potter character wands but do not perform magic.
Both types of Harry Potter wands can be purchased at the Harry Potter wand shop, and many wonder how much are the wands at Universal. Whether choosing interactive or non-interactive Harry Potter wands Universal offers, visitors can immerse themselves in the enchanting wand shop in Harry Potter and take home a piece of the magic

Combine Your Universal Orlando Harry Potter Wand With Our Park Plans

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Where Can You Buy Wands in Harry Potter World in 2023?


Now that we have covered the basics you might be wondering, where can I buy Universal Orlando Harry Potter wands? And luckily Universal Harry Potter wands can be found at both Hogsmeade or Diagon Alley which are both located within Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios Florida respectively. This is different from the books where Ollivanders wand shops is only located in Diagon Alley, however this gives guests more opportunities to enjoy this interactive experience no matter which park they are spending their day at. We also have found that the carts located in each section of Harry Potter World will typically have the lowest wait times. But of course this doesn’t provide the ambience that would come from buying your wand inside of one of the shops.

Pro tip: If you’re wanting the whole experience of using a Harry Potter wand Universal Studios style, opt for Ollivanders.

Wizarding World of Harry Potter wand locations:

  • Ollivanders in Hogsmeade
  • Wand cart on the path to Hogwarts
  • Ollivanders in Diagon Alley
  • Wands by Gregorovitch in Diagon Alley

You can also buy an interactive Harry Potter wand at Ollivanders at either Islands of Adventure or Hogsmeade or at either of the wand carts, however it’s important to note that there will be no interactive show like at the other locations.

What is the best wand shop in Universal Orlando?

Another common question we receive regarding buying a wand at Universal is, which Universal wand shop is better?  And we do feel that Ollivanders wands in Diagon Alley is the best shop to purchase an interactive wand (mostly for the experience). This is going to give you the closest experience to the books and movies. Fans can even purchase the exact same replica Harry Potter World wands that their favorite characters used including Harry, Ron, and Hermione! You can even take your Ollivander wand buying experience one step further and participate in an interactive ceremony. During this experience one lucky wizard is chosen to test out different wands as they all come to life just like in the movie!

If you are trying to participate in the interactive wand ceremony we recommend you make sure to be one of the first guests on line for when Ollivanders opens. One of the easiest ways to do this is to take advantage of early park admission at Harry Potter! 

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What Does the Harry Potter Interactive Wand Do?

Another very popular question we receive is, what does the interactive wand do at Universal? With a gentle flick and a little spell, the interactive wands will create a unique, magical experience throughout the Universal Orlando Harry Potter lands. Guests can wave their wand, recite the correct spell, and watch as magic happens right before your eyes. Be on the lookout for the brass medallions that are embedded in the ground, that will indicate where you can use your interactive wands. Each interactive wand comes in an Ollivander’s box with a dual-sided wand map of spell locations which will be located throughout both Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade

How do the Harry Potter Wands Work?

So, how do the wands work at Harry Potter world? The Universal wand is a passive device, meaning there are no electronics inside. Instead, the wand reflects light back to a sensor that tracks the movement of the Universal wand. When a correct spell movement is detected, the system activates the display. In summary, you’ve got wizard powers. Below are the steps to use your new Harry Potter World Wand!

How to use your 2023 Universal interactive wand:

  1. Find one of the sixteen interactive wand locations in both Diagon Alley or Hogsmeade which we outlined below!
  2. Stand in front of the outlined spell-casting location
  3. Cast your spell by waving your wand in front of the interactive location

How to get spell-casting assistance

The majority of spell locations are supervised by a helpful spell-caster, who mastered all the best spell-casting techniques and can coach guests to do the same. These cast members are also trained to be friendly and patient with young wizards and witches. These spell-casting helpers are there to make your experience the most magical it can be, so definitely utilize their help! Note that if a sign, spell-caster, or another cast member tells you a spell-casting location is “jinxed,” it means that location is not currently working and you’ll need to move on to the next location.

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How Much are Wands at Universal?

Harry Potter wands universal

A Harry Potter wand cost will vary depending on what type of wand you’d like. The 2023 Universal Studios wand price for the original, non-interactive wands start at $55 plus tax. The Universal Studios Harry Potter wand price for interactive wands start at $63 plus tax. That’s only a four dollar price difference for the interactive wands!

What is the Harry Potter wand price?

  • Non-interactive wands – $55 plus tax
  • Interactive wands – $63 plus tax
  • *Specialty Collectable Wands $75

Want to know how to get a discount on a Universal interactive wand? We’ll for a limited time anyone who purchases any 2 day or more Universal Orlando tickets from us will receive an extra $25 off their entire order. So although we can’t give you a Universal wand coupon it’s pretty much the same thing. Just use PROMO CODE: MAGIC25 And you’ll also receive FREE benefits which can save you up to three hours on lines!

Does it cost more for the interactive Harry Potter wand buying experience?

Another question we receive is, how much does a wand cost at Ollivander’s for the interactive wand experience? The best part is, it doesn’t cost you any extra! Just like the other experiences guests simply must purchase the cost of the wand. The cool thing about this experience is also that the wand that you select (or the wand that selects you to be correct) is going to be completely unique. This means no other famous Harry Potter characters would have the same wand as you.

Can you get a Universal Harry Potter wand for free?

There is a way to get a Harry Potter wand at Universal Orlando for free and this could be a great tip for families who love bringing home theme park merchandise. Universal Orlando is currently giving away a free non-interactive wand for any family who purchase a $300 Universal merchandise card. This card can be used in the parks on your favorite Harry Potter and Universal gear, and you’ll also receive a free wand to take home. It’s important to note that Universal could discontinue this promotion but hopefully you can take advantage of it during your next trip!

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Types of Wands at Ollivanders Universal


There are so many options for choosing types of wands in Harry Potter Wizarding World. For starters, blooming wizards can purchase either an original, regular wand that does not include powers, or a Universal interactive wand, which include interrelating with animatronics around the theme park. Wizards looking to purchase Universal Studios Harry Potter interactive wands can do so based off of their favorite character, such as Harry, Hermione, Dumbledore, and Sirius.

Of course they do always say the wand picks the Wizard! So if you are trying to participate in the interactive wand ceremony we recommend you make sure to be one of the first guests on line for when Ollivanders opens. One of the easiest ways to do this is to take advantage of early park admission, which is included absolutely free with all of our Universal Orlando tickets!

Wand selection at Ollivanders

  • Replica Harry Potter character wands (Harry, Ron, Hermione, Professor Snape, etc.)
  • Unique interactive wands (Character and non character) made from choices like holly, reed, birch, willow, ash, vine, hazel, ivy, rowan, hawthorne and alder.

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2023 Ollivanders Wands List Universal

What do harry potter wands do?

Universal designed a selection of 13 types of wands at Harry Potter World loosely based on the Celtic tree calendar that J.K Rowling used to determine which wood would be used based off of time periods and attributes. Ollivanders wand shop custom wands can be based on this Harry Potter wand chart. 

We’ve compiled the entire list for birthday wands Harry Potter Universal Studios has below.

Different Harry Potter World birthday wands at Universal Orlando in 2023:

  • Wood                                   Dates                                                    Attributes
  • Birch                                      Dec. 24-Jan. 20                                  Vivacious, Energetic, Perspicacious
  • Rowan                                  Jan. 21-Feb. 17                                  Imaginative, Resourceful, Therapeutic
  • Ash                                        Feb. 18-March 17                             Kind, Generous, Romantic
  • Alder                                     March 18-April 14                             Adventurous, Confident, Industrious
  • Willow                                  April 15-May 12                                 Resilient, Confident, Strong
  • Hawthorn                            May 13-June 9                                   Flexible, Strong, Family-Oriented
  • Oak                                        June 10-July 7                                    Steadfast, Optimistic, Intuitive
  • Holly                                      July 8-Aug. 4                                       Influential, Unbiased, Wise
  • Hazel                                     Aug 5-Sept. 1                                     Precocious, Creative, Practical
  • Vine                                       Sept. 2-Sept. 29                                                Persistent, Restless, Energetic
  • Ivy                                          Sept 30-Oct. 27                                 Tenacious, Patient, Goal-Oriented
  • Reed                                     Oct. 28-Nov. 24                                 Articulate, Steadfast, Adaptable
  • Elder                                      Nov. 25-Dec. 23                                Perceptive, Sensitive, Resilient

What are Harry Potter Birthday Wands?

With the help of a shop assistant, try using your birthday or a significant life event to help in your decision making. If you’re a lucky wizard, you may just be selected for the wandmaker’s show at Ollivanders. The wandmaker will pull you to the front of the crowd and help you pick a wand based off of the characteristics they describe of you, making it a very unique Harry Potter World wand experience.

Harry Potter World birthday wands allow you to choose the type of wood you’d like to use for the base of your wand off of the date you were born. This will also lead to the attributes that you have.

What are the 2023 Harry Potter Wands Based on Famous Characters?

Below is the current list of famous Harry Potter characters you can purchase a Universal interactive wand for:

  • Harry Potter
  • Ron Weasley
  • Hermione Granger
  • Neville Longbottom
  • Professor Dumbledore
  • Professor Snape
  • Professor McGonagall
  • Lord Voldemort
  • Draco Malfoy
  • Sirius Black
  • Cedric Diggory
  • Ginny Weasley
  • Bellatrix LeStrange
  • Luna Lovegood
  • Remus Lupin
  • Mad-Eye Moody
  • Narcissa Malfoy
  • Fleur Delacour
  • Nymphadora Tonks
  • Yaxley
  • Cho Chang

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Where are the Interactive Diagon Alley Wand Spell Locations in 2023?

harry potter spell locations

If you have a Harry Potter interactive wand Universal has various locations for practicing Witches and Wizards to try out spells. This is a completely free activity for anyone who has interactive Harry Potter wands in either Universal Studios Harry Potter lands.

Throughout Diagon Alley, there are 16 interactive wand spell locations; 11 of them being in the greater Diagon Alley area and the other 5 in Knockturn Alley.

Diagon Alley Spell locations:

  1. Pilliwinkle’s Playthings: Say the dancing feet spell to cause the trolls to dance in Pilliwinkle’s window.
  2. Filmflams Lanterns: Light up the lanterns with a unique spell.
  3. Umbrella Sign: Make it rain!
  4. Magical Menagerie: Silence a creature to stop chirping.
  5. Wiseacres Wizarding Equipment: Wake up the eyes in the window
  6. Wiseacres Wizarding Equipment (Spell #2): Reveal an archer on a star map who will fire an arrow while his dog retrieves it.
  7. Scribbulus: Levitate a quill above a parchment (and remember, it’s pronounced LeviOsa!)
  8. Bowman E. Wright Blacksmith Spell: It works a bellows to stock the blacksmith’s fire.
  9. Bowman E. Wright Blacksmith Spell (Spell #2): Repair a suit of armor
  10. Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes Spell: Pull a prank that Fred and George would be proud of- flush a plunger down a toilet
  11. Mermaid Fountain: Ignite a stream of water from the fountain, and the fountain will randomly choose the direction of the stream!

Knockturn Alley Spell Locations:

  1. Chimney Sweep Elf Sign: Make sure to look up to find a red sign in the shape of a chimney. The spell will cause a chimney sweep to sweep the chimney.
  2. Noggin and Bonce: Shush the talking heads in the window.
  3. Dystal Phaelanges: Have some fun dancing as the skeleton in the window mimics you.
  4. Trackleshanks Locksmith: Brace yourself for a windy spell!
  5. Tallow and Hemp Toxic Tapers: The birds in the cage will be sure to react.

Secret Wand Locations in Diagon Alley

Just when you think the magic stops, Diagon Alley secret wand locations keep you on your toes! Some interactive wand secret locations Orlando include the Universal Studios interactive wand map where you’re able to illuminate Knockturn Alley black light to reveal themselves.

The Magical Menagerie is where you can find your fantastic beasts interactive wand spell. While wandering Weasley’s Wheezes, look up to see fireworks lighting up the night just outside the skylight. These and plenty more are to be discovered.

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Where are the Interactive Hogsmeade Wand Spell Locations? 


Hogsmeade as 9 interactive spell locations where you can use your Harry Potter World wands:

  1. Zonko’s Joke Shop Spell: Another Weasley brothers classic- set off spinning wheels and rockets in their favorite store
  2. McHavelock’s Spell: Stop the water from pouring into a cauldron
  3. Dogweed and Deathcap: Bring the plant in the window to life
  4. Honeydukes: Open up a chocolate frog box (a delicacy!)
  5. Madam Puddifoots: Move the snowman cake topper
  6. Gladbags Wizardwear: Need some measurements? Raise and lower the measuring tape on the robe in the window
  7. Spintwitches: Levitate the Quidditch balls (always keep an eye out for the Golden Snitch!)
  8. Dervish and Banges: Start the music box in the window, and stop it when you’ve heard enough
  9. Tome and Scrolls: Unlock a copy of tales of Beedle the Bard

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Ollivanders Wand Experience in 2023

Finding your wand at Ollivanders really helps capture the Harry Potter wands Universal experience. If you speak with a shop attendant to help make a selection from the wide selection of Universal Studios Ollivanders wands, they may allow you to try out the wants before you make your final decision, this way you can get a feel for your perfect wand.

How to get selected for Ollivander’s wand experience

During the wand experience, one lucky guest will get chosen from the crowd by Ollivander himself! This guest gets to try out several wands until a wand “picks” them, just like Harry did on his very first trip there. Many people hope to be selected for this fun, interactive opportunity, but Ollivander does choose the person based on specific criteria. Usually, the chosen guest looks to be around 12 years old. Why? Because this is the age young witches and wizards get their letter to attend Hogwarts! So if you’re accompanying a young wizard, try to get them to the front or just in Ollivander’s eye line to get chosen.

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2023 Harry Potter World Wand FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long do interactive wands last?

A: The Wizarding World of Harry Potter wands last for quite some time. Since there’s no battery life in all wands at Universal (and it’s all magic, of course), wands can be used in the parks every time you visit. Plus, the Universal Studio wand shops will take care of your wand if it stops working.

Q: Will someone be able to help me cast spells with my Harry Potter wand?

A: Yes, Universal does have friendly wizards who specialize in spell casting to help guests at each location. Just look for a Universal team member who can help you with your spell casting technique and wand gestures.

Q: Can you reuse your wand at Universal?

A: Guests can reuse their interactive wand at Universal Orlando resort from previous trips at both the Florida and Hollywood Wizarding World of Harry Potter locations. And don’t forget if you lose your map and are in need of a new one just be sure to stop by any of the wand carts or Ollivander shops and you can get a new map for free.

Q: How much is a Harry Potter wand at Universal?

A: Interactive wand prices have increased to $63 per wand, and regular non-interactive wands are $55 per wand.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Universal Orlando?

Our Universal Orlando Crowd Calendar is the best tool to help you get the most out of your time in the parks. We breakdown the park crowds, park hours of operation, ticket prices by day, and average temperature.

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