Disney World Refillable Mug

Disney World Refillable Mug

What is Disney’s Refillable Mug?

The Disney refillable mug is a 16-oz plastic mug which can be used throughout Walt Disney World property food courts. These one of a kind souvenir cups are covered with your favorite Disney Characters, and provide free refills during your vacation. Each Disney mug comes equipped with a plastic cover and handle, so you’ll never spill a drop when running for the monorail!

This Disney refillable mug guide will help answer frequently asked questions including where to use your mug, are they worth the money, different holiday themes and so much more!

Updated January 2021: We know these are trying times. Many of us are facing new challenges, and we are all living under a new normal. Here at The Park Prodigy we are committed to bringing you the most up to date information when planning your next trip. It’s important to note that based off of the reopen Florida tasks forces guidelines we do expect the park experiences to be different for the foreseeable future.

There might be some modifications when it comes to additional safety measures in regards to Disney refillable mugs. Be sure to speak with a cast member if you have any questions!

Which Drinks are Included With the Disney Resort Mugs?

Guests who purchase a Disney resort refillable mug are entitled to unlimited free refills at participating locations. These free refills at Disney World include:

  • Various Coke Products
  • Hi-C and Powerade (where applicable)
  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Water (also free without a Disney refillable cups)

Which Characters Are On The Disney Refillable Mug?

Back when the rapid fill program first started every Disney hotel would have their own unique Disney Resort mug. However Disney has since transitioned over to a standard design across all of Disney hotels.

The good news is that Disney still changes the design and  characters on the Disney refillable mugs every year. So if you collect these mugs like we do, you also get to go home with a unique souvenir. In the past we have seen Disney World refillable mugs include Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, and even Buzz lightyear!

Limited Holiday Editions

In addition, Disney will also release various holiday refillable mugs throughout the year.

Disney World Halloween Refillable Mug

If you’re traveling during Halloween, which at Walt Disney World could be earlier than you think. Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party typically starts around August 13th so keep an eye out for these special edition spooky mugs!

Disney World Christmas Refillable Mugs

The Christmas refillable mugs have been my favorite for as long as I can remember. Who doesn’t love using a Disney refillable mug Christmas morning?  Just like Halloween you might be able to grab a Christmas resort mug earlier than you think with Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas parties starting around November 8th.

Special Edition Disney Parks Refillable Mug

We have also seen limited edition Disney mugs released with grand openings of the of new landmarks at the parks such as the Disney Skyliner and Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge.

Disney Skyliner Mug

The stainless steel Disney skyliner mug was available at the four Disney hotels connecting the skyliner stations. These include Art of Animation, Pop Century, Caribbean Beach Resort, and Riviera Resort.

Star Wars Refillable Mug

Disney also released a Star Wars themed hotel mug available for purchase or as an upgrade to all Disney Dining plan mugs.

How Can I Buy a Disney Refillable Mug?

There are two ways to purchase WDW refillable mugs, with options to prepay or buy once you get to your Walt Disney World hotel.

  1. Add a Disney Dining Plan to your vacation package (prepay)
  2. Pick one up at a your Disney World hotel gift shop or restaurant

Disney Dining Plan Mug

Each participant in the Disney ding plan will receive one (1) Disney Dining mug credit. You can redeem your brand new mug at any Disney dining location as soon as you check in.

Separate Purchase at a Disney World Hotel Gift Shop or Restaurant

If your group is not participating in a Disney dining plan no worries. You can still take advantage of this great deal! They can be purchased at any Disney World hotel gift shop, and participating quick service restaurants.

Simply pick the mug of your choice, and add how ever many days you would like to use it.

How Do I Use My Mug?

The Disney refillable mug is extremely simple to use. Just follow these steps:

  1. Locate your closest refilling station
  2. Hold your cup to the dispenser, and place the bottom on the platform
  3. The platform will then scan your cup
  4. Your favorite drink will then be dispensed until your cup is full

The most important part of this process is the RFID chip on the bottom of your Disney World refillable cup. Make sure the cup is placed on the platform and your chip can be scanned. If nothing is coming it there is a good chance it has to do with the RFID chip.

How can I Track the Days Left on my Disney Mug?

Each filling station will have a small screen, which will show how many days are left on your refillable Disney cups use.

How Much are Disney Refillable Mugs at Disney World?

The cost as of 2020 for the Disney refillable mug is $19.99 and this includes a 7 day activation.

The cost of a Disney refillable mug upgrade to let’s say the Star Wars special edition mug is around $10.00.

Will the Disney Refillable Mug Save Me Money?

This all depends on how you use it. If you are a big soda or coffee drinker, we find you will easily spend over $19.99 on soft drinks at the Disney resorts. For comparison purposes a soda in Walt Disney World will cost you $3.29+, and a coffee will cost you $2.79+.

It’s important to note this mug can be used at any Disney resort, not just the hotel you’re staying at. This can be a great advantage if your family loves to resort hop as much as we do!

Where Can I Use My Disney Refillable Mug?

The Disney refillable mug can only be filled at Walt Disney World resorts. This is important to remember if you are purchasing your mug outside of a Disney dining plan. It can still be a great money savor if your family spends a ton of time in your hotel. You would just have to crunch the numbers.

Can we use our Refillable mugs at Disney Theme Parks?

No, unfortunately you cannot. It’s important to note that you can take your filled Disney refillable mug into the parks. The downside of this is that you will have to carry around your mug all day, not to mention clean out whatever beverage was in it before throwing it in your back pack.

We find that you are better off going with a disposable cup if you’re planning on carrying a beverage with you in the morning.

Walt Disney World Refillable Mugs Answers and Questions

Q: Are Disney refillable mugs dishwasher safe?

A: Yes, according to a few cast members we have asked and a bunch of trial and error by our readers Disney refillable mugs are dishwasher safe.

Q: How much are refillable mugs at Disney World?

A: $19.99 plus tax

Q: Do the Disney refillable drinks include Milk and Juices?

A: No, unfortunately not.

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