How to get boarding pass for WEB SLINGERS at Disney’s California Adventure Park


How to get boarding pass for WEB SLINGERS at Disney’s California Adventure Park

This article is your complete guide on how to get a Web Slingers ride boarding group at Disneyland! It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Spider-man flying through the air at Avengers Campus in Disneyland. After much anticipation, this new land has opened, thrilling guests by inviting them to be a part of the Marvel Universe.

The exciting new ride that opened with Avengers Campus is WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure. On this interactive and immersive ride, guests are recruited to help Spider-man combat the Spider-bots which have multiplied and are running amok Avengers Campus. But before you can help out our dear friend, Spidey, you’ll need to snag a Disneyland boarding pass for this extremely popular ride.

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It might sound daunting, but have no fear! We’re here to show you how to get your boarding group WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure Disneyland quicker than a flip of your wrist!

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WEB SLINGERS Ride Boarding Group

You want to know how to get on WEB SLINGERS ride, we get it. But, before you even begin to dream of getting a boarding pass for Spider-Man for your family, stop, and make sure you have these 3 essential items:

  • A valid Disneyland theme park ticket for the day you plan to ride for every guest.
  • A theme park reservation for Disney California Adventure on the day you hope to ride the attraction. Each person in your group needs that park reservation.
  • The Disneyland app will need to be downloaded on your phone and updated with all of your account information, as well as linked to all of the parties that are a part of your group

Keep reading to learn how to make sure your app is ready for you to quickly snag a Spider-Man Adventure Boarding Pass.

First Step to Grab a WEB SLINGERS Boarding Pass


The first step in making sure you are able to grab a Spider-man boarding group at Disneyland is getting your Disneyland App prepped to sign up. While you might like taking your chances and standing in lines to ride attractions, you don’t have that option with this newest ride.  Similar to Rise of the Resistance, WEB Slingers: A Spider-Man Adventure requires the Disneyland App if you’re wondering how to get into the Disneyland Spider-Man ride Here are the five steps to setting up your Disneyland App.

  • Download the app from your app store. It works great on both Android and Apple phones.
  • Set up your account before you begin your trip. Make sure you’ve got strong Wi-Fi for this process.
  • Once you’re set up, link your park tickets, annual passes, and all reservations to your account. You can do this by using your reservation numbers. If you have any problems, your travel agent will be happy to help (just one of the many reasons to have a great travel agent like the Park Prodigy).
  • Make sure everyone who wants to ride in your WEB Slingers Boarding group party is linked with their tickets to your account.

WEB SLINGERS Ride Boarding Group Times

Much like Rise of the Resistance has done, you’ll have two times each day when you can hop on your app and try getting a boarding pass for WEB SLINGERS. These two times cannot be missed or even logged into a minute late to get your Disneyland Spider-Man ride boarding group. So, be ready at the exact times listed below. It’s not uncommon for all Spider-Man Boarding Groups to be gone within seconds after they open up.

While Disneyland will give you two times to try to schedule an Avengers Campus Boarding Group, you can still only ride it one time each day. The second time is simply available for those who didn’t get a boarding group at the earlier time.

What time are the Spider-man Adventure Boarding Groups?

  • 7:00 AM
  • 1:00 PM

7:00 AM : The nice thing about this time is that if you have a park reservation and park tickets, you can attempt to get your boarding pass WEB SLINGERS from anywhere you’d like – from home, from your resort, or really any other place you may find yourself at 7 am.

1:00 PM: To use this booking window, you and your entire party need to be physically inside either Disneyland or Disney California Adventure. In order to sign up for the WEB Slingers Virtual Queue from Disneyland, you must have a park-hopper option to your ticket since park hopping begins at 1 pm.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Grab a WEB SLINGERS Boarding Pass


So, you’ve read all there is to read, you’ve set your alarm to wake you up nice and early, and you’re ready to do your best to be a superhero to your family and get you all WEB SLINGERS ride?

Follow these instructions to give yourself the best chance for success!

  • Sign in to your Disneyland App at least 15 minutes prior to Boarding Group Launch Time. Make sure you’re logged in. You don’t want to find yourself having to type in your password at the last minute, wasting precious seconds.
  • Close every other app to alleviate any confusion or unexpected pop-ups in the middle of you trying to land a Spider-Man Boarding Pass.
  • Test your Wi-Fi service. Depending on where you are, make sure you have a good connection. If you’re at the resorts or in the parks, we sometimes recommend getting off the resort or park Wi-Fi as it can get very congested at the two launch times of 7 am and noon. If there are a lot of people around you, try to find a nice quiet area for your attempt away from the crowds.
  • Open up the Virtual Queues section of the app a few minutes before launch time.
  • Make sure notifications are enabled on your phone.
  • Watch that clock!
  • At 7 am (or noon) on the dot, the Join Boarding Group button should appear. If it doesn’t pull down on the top of your screen to refresh the app. Keep doing this until the button appears.
  • Click the Tab for Disneyland California Adventure.
  • PRESS that Join button!
  • Quickly create your party and hit Join.
  • You’ll be immediately notified if you got in and will be given a Spiderman boarding group If you didn’t get a boarding group, you’ll need to try again at noon if you were trying at 7 am.
  • You’ll now get a notification on your phone when it’s time to ride WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure and will have about a one-hour window to arrive during your Web Slingers: A Spider-Man Adventure Boarding Group

And that is how to get a boarding pass for Avengers Campus Disneyland!

What if I Made a Mistake on my Spider-Man Boarding Group?

Mistakes can happen. Maybe you forgot to include everyone or maybe you included too many people. The important thing is to not mess with your boarding group yourself. You don’t want to delete it and try to recreate it. We recommend finding a Disney Cast member once you’re in the park and talking to that person about how to fix your boarding pass if you need to. Please be kind and remember that Cast Members cannot help you get a pass if you missed the window. Even if it’s the most important vacation you’ve ever taken.

Still have more questions about the Spider-man boarding pass? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions next to see if your question gets covered in that section. If it doesn’t, contact us! We love to help others find the right answers to their questions.



Q: Is a Boarding Pass the same thing as a WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure FastPass?

A: While they’re similar, there’s some big differences. FastPasses only exist in Disney World and while a FastPass will get you into a shorter line while the rest of the guests wait in a longer queue line, a Boarding pass eliminates both physical lines and puts guests into Spider-Man Virtual Queue, which will have a time slot for each group to arrive at. You’ll still find yourself waiting with the other guests that have that same time slot, but you won’t be competing with hundreds of people standing in a regular standby line.

Q: Which rides currently have Boarding groups in Disneyland?

A: With the addition of Spider-Man, Disneyland now has three rides that have virtual queues and boarding groups – Rise of the Resistance and Indiana Jones are both in Disneyland, while WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure is in California Adventure.

Q: Can I get a Rise of the Resistance Boarding Group and a Web Slinger Boarding Pass on the same day?

A: This is going to be tough, but in theory, yes, it’s possible to get a boarding group for both Rise of the Resistance and Spider-Man. Here’s how:

    1. Get one boarding pass at 7 am for an early boarding group in the park you have a park reservation at.
    2. Ride your first ride BEFORE noon.
    3. Hop on the app at Noon and snag a boarding pass for the other ride in the afternoon.
    4. Use your park-hopper upgrade to hop to the other park. You will not be able to attempt this without the park hopper.
    5. You’ll have to have The Force on your side, along with extra strong Spidey powers, but in theory, it’s completely possible.

Q: Can all guests get in a Spider-Man Adventure ride boarding group?

A: Yes, this ride has no height limits and only asks that if guests are under seven, they be accompanied by someone responsible who is 14 years old or older.

Q: What happens if we miss our time slot for our boarding group WEB SLINGERS?

A: If you’re in the middle of a meal and your time slot comes up or you’re unable to get to the ride area within an hour, we recommend talking to a Cast Member about what your best course of action will be. In order to make sure all guests who receive a Spider-Man Boarding Group are able to ride, there might not be a lot of flexibility, but it doesn’t hurt to ask – nicely.

If I get a WEB SLINGERS FastPass (Boarding Group), am I guaranteed to get to ride it?

A: Much like any attraction or ride at Disneyland, there are always things that can go wrong or break down within the attraction. With its many moving parts, it’s safe to say that sometimes, the ride may stop working. If it does, and you have a Spider-Man Adventure Boarding Pass, talk to a Cast Member to see what options you have, but it’s possible, you’ll just be out of luck and will need to try again another day.

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