Below are the most frequently asked questions we receive about our vacation planning services. Please be sure to reach out to contact us if you have an additional questions.

Top Questions

Question: Who is The Park Prodigy?

Answer: To learn more, please see our About Us section.

Question: How do I contact The Park Prodigy?

Answer: To contact us, please see our Contact Us section.

Question: What are your cancellation/refund policies?

Answer: The Park Prodigy is a registered travel agency and must abide by the cancellation policies put forth by our vendors.

Walt Disney World Tickets cancellation policy.

Walt Disney World Hotel only cancellation policy.

Walt Disney World Vacation Package cancellation policy.

Universal Orlando Ticket, Hotel, and vacation package cancellation policy.

Disneyland Ticket only cancellation policy.

Disneyland Hotel only cancellation policy.

Disneyland Vacation package cancellation policy.

Your confidence in booking with us takes priority, which is why we will never charge you a processing fee to modify your hotel and vacation package reservations.

Question: How can I change or modify my reservation?

Answer: Please have your reservation confirmation code available to see how we can help you modify or upgrade your hotel or vacation package reservation. You can reach out to us using our contact us section. We are unable to make changes or refund any park tickets purchased through our vendors.

Question: Are your Disney tickets the same as we would receive from the park?

Answer: Yes, as a registered travel agency all Disney tickets purchased through The Park Prodigy are the exact same tickets you would receive if you purchased at the park. Disney e-tickets must be exchanged at guest services at the theme parks for physical tickets or attached to your magicband.

Question: What are your Terms & Conditions?

Answer: Please see the Terms & Conditions section on our website.

Question: What is your privacy policy?

Answer: Please see our Privacy Policy section on our website.