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Monthly Average 70° (high) / 53° (low)
September 2023
  • SUN
  • MON
  • TUE
  • WED
  • THU
  • FRI
  • SAT
Aug 275Sun $ 15491° / 74° (Historical)
Aug 285Mon $ 14991° / 74° (Historical)
Aug 295Tue $ 12491° / 74° (Historical)
Aug 307Wed $ 12991° / 74° (Historical)
Aug 317Thu $ 12991° / 74° (Historical)
Sep 18Fri $ 14991° / 74° (Historical)
Sep 28Sat $ 15991° / 74° (Historical)
Sep 38Sun $ 15991° / 74° (Historical)
Sep 48Mon $ 15991° / 73° (Historical)
Sep 53Tue $ 12991° / 73° (Historical)
Sep 63Wed $ 12991° / 73° (Historical)
Sep 73Thu $ 12990° / 73° (Historical)
Sep 83Fri $ 14490° / 73° (Historical)
Sep 93Sat $ 15990° / 73° (Historical)
Sep 103Sun $ 14990° / 73° (Historical)
Sep 112Mon $ 14990° / 73° (Historical)
Sep 122Tue $ 12490° / 73° (Historical)
Sep 132Wed $ 12990° / 73° (Historical)
Sep 142Thu $ 12990° / 73° (Historical)
Sep 153Fri $ 14990° / 73° (Historical)
Sep 163Sat $ 16490° / 73° (Historical)
Sep 173Sun $ 15490° / 73° (Historical)
Sep 185Mon $ 12990° / 72° (Historical)
Sep 195Tue $ 12489° / 72° (Historical)
Sep 205Wed $ 12989° / 72° (Historical)
Sep 215Thu $ 12989° / 72° (Historical)
Sep 225Fri $ 15489° / 72° (Historical)
Sep 235Sat $ 15989° / 72° (Historical)
Sep 245Sun $ 15489° / 72° (Historical)
Sep 254Mon $ 15989° / 71° (Historical)
Sep 265Tue $ 12489° / 71° (Historical)
Sep 275Wed $ 12989° / 71° (Historical)
Sep 285Thu $ 12488° / 71° (Historical)
Sep 295Fri $ 15988° / 71° (Historical)
Sep 306Sat $ 16988° / 71° (Historical)

Universal Studios Orlando Crowd Calendar 2023 


Universal Orlando is a top destination for thrill seekers as well as die-hard Harry Potter fans. Like our Disney crowd calendar, you can use our 2023 Universal Studios crowd calendar to track theme park attendance and avoid the busy days at Universal. Our Universal Crowd Calendar 2023 is best used to simply avoid the busy days at the park, and visit during the slower times of year instead. We update our Universal Orlando Crowd Calendar using the latest park events, national holidays, universities & k-12 school years plus our own personal wait time data and vacation planning experience. Our updated Universal crowd calendar predicts theme park attendance one year in advance and is updated frequently to also include special events throughout the year and of course early park admission which is one of our favorite benefits to get the most out of your time in the theme parks. 

We have found the best days to visit Universal Orlando depend on a few factors, including crowds, weather, park hours, and park ticket prices. So that’s exactly what we have included in our 2023 Universal Orlando crowd calendar! It’s essential to keep in mind that Walt Disney World will be celebrating its 50th anniversary through March of 2023 and we are sure to see an increase in crowds at both Disney and Universal. 

How Our Universal Crowd Calendar is Organized

Our Universal Studios busy calendar allows you to look at each park individually. This allows you to look at:

  • Universal Studios Florida Crowd Calendar
  • Islands of Adventure Crowd Calendar

The Park Prodigy’s 2023 Universal Orlando crowd calendar includes average temperature, park hours, and all special events.

Average Temperature

Orlando, Florida, is known for its sunny yet sometimes unpredictable weather. This makes it an important part to consider when booking your next trip. Summer months tend to be in the high 90s, while winter months tend to be cooler.

The Park Prodigy crowd calendar for Universal tracks the average temperature range for each day of the calendar year. This will allow you to know exactly what to expect and pack accordingly!

Theme Park Hours

It doesn’t matter if you’re visiting Universal Studios Florida or Islands of Adventure, we have found park hours can be confusing. Especially with the recent additions of so many special event tickets, which allow guests into the park earlier or later than other guests.

Our 2023 Crowd Calendar for Universal Studios includes the daily openings and closings for all Orlando theme parks.

Universal Orlando Park Hours

To make it easier when planning your trip, our Universal Studios Orlando Crowd Calendar 2023 includes expected park hours of operation. It’s important to note Universal can and does change its park hours after initially publishing hours on its website. As we will always work our hardest to keep this information as accurate as possible, the policies and procedures of other companies may change. As such, we cannot make any warranties regarding the accuracy of the above-posted information.

We always recommend contacting guest services a day or two before you visit to confirm park hours. 407-630-8650 or we have also found that the Universal Orlando app is the most accurate especially as you get closer to your trip. 

Universal Orlando Early Park Admission

Universal has a great benefit called early park admission which can make a huge difference during the off-peak periods when Universal parks tend to close earlier in the day. Keep this early park admission in mind when using the theme park hours on our Universal Studios Orlando crowd calendar. 

To make it as easy as possible when planning your next vacation we have included the dates and parks participating in Early Park Admission on our 2023 Universal Orlando crowd calendar! 

Universal Orlando Special Events

Universal hosts some of our favorite special events throughout the year. These events range from Halloween Horror Nights, concerts, holiday parties, and city walk parties. We make sure to include all special events on our Universal Studios Crowd Calendar.

How Our Universal Crowd Calendar Can Help You Save Money?

Very simply, our Universal Orlando Crowd Calendar will help you pick the slowest time of the month and year to visit Universal Studios. The parks are aware of the crowd trends and generally price their tickets and hotel accommodations accordingly. You might also find that visiting during one of the slowest periods in September or early January will allow you to skip purchasing Universal Express Passes. This can be true for regular park tickets and special events like Halloween Horror nights which tend to sell out on their most popular nights.

Unlike years passed, Universal Orlando has released their vacation package prices for 2023 early as many people have pushed their trips to next year. Not only that, but Universal Orlando ticket prices will now fluctuate based on the day you plan to visit the theme parks. Just like Disney tickets, this will help us as we track and anticipate crowds on our Universal Orlando Crowd Calendar.

Universal Orlando Crowd Calendar 2023 FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What day of the week is least crowded at Universal Orlando?

A: Historically, Tuesdays and Wednesdays tend to be the least crowded days in the Orlando theme parks. Make sure to check out our Universal Orlando crowd calendar to tell you what day of the week will be the least crowded for your trip!

Q: Is Universal as crowded as Disney?

A: Disney usually does see higher crowds than Universal, but mostly because their parks are larger. Universal Orlando Resort theme parks can see very high crowd numbers and is not far off of the Disney crowds we’ve seen recently.