Saving The Environment

Our Mission..

The Magically Carbon Free program is an innovative and flexible way to reduce and offset the carbon footprint of your next theme park vacation.

After spending the first year of his career working for The Walt Disney Company, The Park Prodigy founder Michael Belmont spent the last 10 years in the energy industry. Over those 10 years, Michael helped thousands of businesses transition to clean renewable energy in their fight against climate change.

Using these same principles Michael decided to combine his love for Disney and renewable energy to launch The Park Prodigy and its Magically Carbon Free program.

How It Works..

The Park Prodigy will calculate the carbon footprint related to your flight (or drive) from your home airport to your vacation destination. We will then offset your carbon footprint by purchasing and supporting various emission reduction projects at NO additional cost to you!

Average Air Travel - Calculator:

  • New York - Disney World (1,076 miles)= 1.2 Tonnes CO2
  • New York - Disneyland (2,475 miles)= 2.5 Tonnes CO2
  • London - Disneyland (5,437 miles)= 5.5 Tonnes CO2
  • Disney World - Disneyland (2,506 miles) =2.6 Tones CO2

The best part is every Park Prodigy customer is eligible for the Magically Carbon Free program. It doesn't matter if you are booking a hotel and ticket vacation package or just discounted theme park tickets.  We will offset your transportation carbon footprint.




Why The Travel Industry?

Airplanes emit various particles and gasses including carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere. When functioning properly greenhouse gases help regulate the earth's temperature. However when excess greenhouse gas exits into the atmosphere, heat becomes trapped and the planet warms.

Based on information released by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), in 2018 greenhouse gas emissions from transportation accounted for about 28.2 percent, making it the largest contributor.

Almost all airlines in recent years have implemented internal practices and plans to decrease their carbon footprint. Although this is a great start, we felt responsible to create our own program and offset the carbon emissions for all of our clients.