Complete Guide to the Disney World Boardwalk in 2023


Complete Guide to the Disney World Boardwalk in 2023

This article is your complete guide to visiting the Walt Disney World Boardwalk in 2023! Just like every other resort and park in Walt Disney World, you will feel like you are in a completely different world when you visit Disney’s Boardwalk; a quarter-mile promenade of dining, shops, and entertainment. Resembling other Boardwalks such as Coney Island and Atlantic City, guests will experience a similar theme of a fun, vibrant, and relaxing atmosphere perfect for both kids and adults.

The Disney Boardwalk Resort is full of beautiful colors and charming hotels. To make things seem more real, there’s even patches of sand, making this resort feel like you’re on a beach-front getaway. But with so much happening around you, it may be hard to decipher exactly what you’d want to do when visiting. We’ve created an epic guide to the Disney World boardwalk ensure you know exactly what to expect for your next trip!

As Annual Passholders, the Disney Boardwalk Resort is one of our favorite Disney hotels to stay at during our vacations. We love grabbing a coffee in the morning and walking along the water at Disney’s Boardwalk Resort, so we have a lot to share!

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It’s important to note that one of the coolest things about the Disney Boardwalk is you do not have to be staying at one of the hotels to enjoy it. So if you’re ready to learn about this amazing entertainment area read on!

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 Disney World Crowd Calendar

What is the Disney BoardWalk Inn?


Disney’s BoardWalk is the perfect place for guests visiting Walt Disney World to find incredible dining, unique shops and even nightlife you can’t find anywhere else! The Disney World Boardwalk is a quarter-mile long entertainment, right on the waterfront where the perfect date or family night of fun could be had! Guests with little ones will even love the evening street performers and midway games on the BoardWalk Disney World.

Guests staying at the Disney BoardWalk Inn have the best access to the Disney BoardWalk, as it is attached, and where most of the entertainment is located. There are also other hotels located on the Disneys BoardWalk within walking distance to delicious restaurants and entertainment. With that being said, you do not have to be a guest at the BoardWalk hotel Disney has to enjoy the offerings.

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Where is the Disney Boardwalk?


One of the first questions we always receive when planning a Disney World trip is, where is Disney’s Boardwalk located? Disney’s Boardwalk is an entertainment, dining and shopping area located right in the middle of Walt Disney World directly next to EPCOT and Hollywood Studios. The Disney Boardwalk is also surrounded by the Disney Boardwalk Hotel, The Disney Yacht and Beach Club hotel as well as the Swan and Dolphin resorts and includes tons of restaurants, bars, and entertainment for an amazing night out while in Disney. We also find this to be one of the most popular locations to stay in all of Walt Disney World because of how close the hotels are to EPCOT. 

Is Disney Springs and Disney Boardwalk the same?

Another very popular question we receive on this topic is, is Disney Springs and Disney Boardwalk the same? And to confirm the Disney Boardwalk and Disney Springs are two completely different entertainment areas. The Disney Boardwalk is a hotel area which is made up mostly of the surrounding hotels with some great restaurants, bars, and stores while Disney Springs is a mega shopping and dining complex with no hotels. Another huge difference which we will discuss shortly is that it is much easier to travel to Disney Springs from one of the main Disney World hotels. On the flip side the main similarity between Disney Springs and the Disney Boardwalk is that both of them are free.

What are Disney’s Boardwalk Hours of Operation 2023?

Certain activities mean different hours of operation in 2023 at the Disney World Boardwalk. If the fellow Disney-lover was looking for Disney Boardwalk hours, they can expect stores to be open from around 8AM to 11PM. If you’re looking for the entertainment side of the Boardwalk, that begins later in the evening, from around 7PM to about 2AM. No matter what you do while you’re there, the 2023 Disney Boardwalk times are open to the public. The Disney Boardwalk hours of operation make the experience feel so much more real and like you are truly in a little city back in time. We love that you can shop all day, and then hit Abracadabar or the Disney Boardwalk Ice Cream shop to cap off the perfect night.

What time does the Disney Boardwalk close?

  • 11:00 PM

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How to Get to the Disney Boardwalk 2023?


Another very popular question we receive is, how to get to the Disney Boardwalk? And as a general rule of thumb the most popular way to get to the Disney Boardwalk is to take the bus transportation from one of the four Disney World theme parks to the Disney World Boardwalk Inn Hotel. This would also mean that if you are staying at one of the Disney World hotels that you would actually have to take the bus to one of the Disney parks and then transfer to another bus. The two Disney World parks that are closest to the Disney World Boardwalk are EPCOT and Hollywood Studios. From EPCOT guests can walk or take the boat service and from Hollywood Studios guests can take the boat service or Disney Skyliner. And guests staying at any of the Disney Skyliner hotels can also take the new transportation over to the Boardwalk as well.

It’s also important to note that the Disney Boardwalk shares boat transportation with the Swan, Dolphin, and  Yacht and Beach Club. 

How to get to Boardwalk at Disney World?

  • Take the bus transportation from any four Disney World parks
  • Take the bus transportation from your Disney World hotel to any Disney World park and transfer to the bus, boat, or Skyliner
  • Walk from EPCOT
  • Take the Skyliner from Hollywood Studios or participating Disney World hotels

How to get to the Disney Boardwalk from EPCOT 2023?

If you’re wondering how to get to the Disney Boardwalk from Epcot, you have a couple of choices!  You can either Walk from the Boardwalk to Epcot (and vice versa) in a half mile. To get from Epcot back, depart through the International Gateway and follow the signs.

Or, if you are on the Disney Skyliner route, there is a Skyliner station at the International Gateway. Whether you’re at Hollywood Studios, the Riviera, Caribbean Beach, Art of Animation or Pop Century Resorts, it is super easy to access the Disney Boardwalk from the Skyliner.

How to get to the Disney Boardwalk from Hollywood Studios

From Disney’s Hollywood Studios or Epcot, the boat will take you there on their route. If you’d rather go on foot, Disney’s Boardwalk is in walking distance from various locations

From Disney’s Hollywood Studios, take the path that starts in the park’s parking lot and follow the signs. The walk is about 1 mile. It’s a short walk from Swan/Dolphin Resorts from the entrance of either hotel, over the bridge to the Boardwalk. Just follow the signs. And from the Yacht & Beach Club, walk around the lake to reach the Boardwalk on the opposite shore.

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2023 Disney Boardwalk Parking


One of our favorite changes coming to the Disney hotels starting 2023 is the return of free parking. That means, whether you’re a non-resort hotel or staying on property, it is free to park in the parking lots. Disney has stated on their website that starting January 10th, 2023, standard self parking is free for day Guests visiting to try shopping, dining and entertainment.

That means, guests are now allowed to use the 2023 Disney BoardWalk parking again! One of our only negative experiences having to do with the Disney BoardWalk was that guests were not allowed to self park after the 2020 pandemic closure. So, we are happy to share that guests can park again if they’re wanting to visit the BoardWalk Disney Resort!

Can You Park an RV at Disney’s Boardwalk?

Another very common question we receive is, can you park an RV at Disney’s Boardwalk? And yes, according to the official Disney blog guests staying at any of the Walt Disney World resort can park an RV at their hotel. For all RV parking at the Disney Boardwalk guests will be required to pay a nightly parking fee.

What is the Disney Boardwalk RV parking fee?

  • $27-$80 per night

It is extremely important to note that guests must be staying at one of the Disney World hotels located on the Disney Boardwalk to park their RV there. And, you can only park your RV at that specific hotel. This would eliminate guests driving an RV to the Disney Boardwalk for a dinner reservation or to shop around. And it’s also extremely important to note that the official Disney blog does state that parking is based on availability. Guests also might not be able to park their RV close to their designated rooms. So we strongly suggest calling up your Walt Disney World hotel prior to your arrival to see if they can accommodate your RV at the Disney Boardwalk.

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Is the Disney Boardwalk Free 2023?


Guests looking for free Disney World activities can make their way to the promenade at Disney’s Boardwalk, as there are different aspects that are free to the public, and is overall a great place to stroll and browse. For example, there will be plenty of Boardwalk entertainment in Disney beginning at 7PM every evening and is free for everyone to view and enjoy. The area has street performers and features beautiful scenic lighting for guests to walk around and see. Of course, if you want to stop at a restaurant for a bite to eat, that will cost you.

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What are the 2023 Disney Boardwalk Resorts?


Other than the actual Disney BoardWalk Resort, there are two other wonderful resorts that are located on Crescent Lake. These are all considered EPCOT area resorts, since they are all closest to EPCOT park. They are also connected by what is considered the official BoardWalk at Disney, which surrounds Crescent Lake.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios park is also located near these three Disney hotels, with the Swan and Dolphin also being within walking distance.

What are the EPCOT area hotels?

  • Disney’s BoardWalk Inn
  • Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club

Yacht and Beach Club

There are two sides to Disney’s Yacht and Beach club. The Yacht club portion is the more grown up resort out of the two. Their pool has sand on the bottom and wide, deep porches with rocking chairs. The Beach Club will make you feel as if you are on an island somewhere with their lobby smells like aloe and cucumber. Both resorts share a poolside quick service restaurant and also has a wide number of restaurants for great dining at the Boardwalk in Disney.

Boardwalk Inn

If anyone has been to New York’s Coney Island, then this Inn will resemble much of it. If you haven’t been to Coney Island, then you’ll pretty much get a summary of it here. This fun-loving theme of a goofy, carefree county fair is entertaining for kids, and they even have a carnival-themed pool with a giant clown.

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Disney World Boardwalk Restaurants 2023


If one thing’s for sure, you will not go hungry while visiting Disney’s Boardwalk. Different 2023 Disney Boardwalk restaurants can please the palette of any child, adult, or foodie alike. Although there are so many restaurants at the Boardwalk in Disney World, we wanted to name some of the most iconic for you check out.

Here is a list of all of the 2023 Disney Boardwalk restaurants:

  • Disney Boardwalk Ice Cream Shop – NEW!
  • Boardwalk Bakery
  • Boardwalk Joe’s Marvelous Margaritas
  • Trattoria al Forno
  • Cape May Cafe
  • Yachtsman Steakhouse
  • Beaches and Cream
  • Big River Grille & Brewing Works
  • ESPN Zone – Closed

Let’s talk more in depth about each Disney World Boardwalk restaurants.

Breaking News: Boardwalk Ice-cream recently opened up at WDW

Guests can now bring their sweet tooth to the Walt Disney World boardwalk as Disney has just announced it’s newest dessert shop on property. The Boardwalk Ice Cream parlor opened in May 2021 and will treat guests to their favorite sweet treat.

Boardwalk Bakery

Disney Boardwalk Restaurant Location: Disney’s Boardwalk Villas

Feel like you’re taking a bite into Wreck-It-Ralph’s video game, Sugar Rush, at this sweet establishment. This Boardwalk Disney bakery is known for its sweet treats, breakfast, and quick sandwiches. This is a great grab-and-go place if you’re looking to browse and walk along the Boardwalk.

Boardwalk Joe’s Marvelous Margaritas

Disney Boardwalk Restaurant Location: Disney’s Boardwalk Inn

For the adults visiting Disney World; cool down with a delicious frozen concoction. Get brain freezes off margaritas or piña coladas. For something that sounds like it was made by Captain Jack Sparrow himself, try the Captain’s Seaside Sensation; a pineapple smoothie with a shot of Captain Morgan Spiced Rum. To soak that goodness up, the classic Mickey pretzels and roasted nuts are also available.

Trattoria al Forno

Disney Boardwalk Restaurant Location: Disney’s Boardwalk Inn

An Italian restaurant on the Disney Boardwalk, princess lovers will be enchanted at the Bon Voyage Breakfast, featuring royal couples Prince Eric and Ariel as well as Rapunzel and Flynn Rider. If you’re looking for traditional Italian cuisine, stop by for dinner. Like Lady and the Tramp, you’ll get to enjoy a nice “Bella Notte” with a delicious plate of pasta.

Cape May Café

Disney Boardwalk Restaurant Location: Disney’s Beach Club Resort

Start your day with your favorite classic characters. Minnie and friends join you at their Disney Boardwalk breakfast buffet. If you’re looking for their dinner option, it’s a meal a character like Steamboat Willie would enjoy. There’s a fresh and steamy assortment of shellfish and seaside favorites.

Yachtsman Steakhouse

Disney Boardwalk Restaurant Location: Disney’s Yacht Club Resort

One of the most top-notch restaurants on the Boardwalk at Disney, meat lovers can enjoy a hearty variety of steaks and seafood. Heads up, guests are asked to adhere to the minimum dress code requirements at this signature dining experience. Men must wear khakis, slacks or dress shorts and collared shirts. Women must wear Capri pants, skirts, dresses or dress shorts. Jeans may be worn if in good condition.

Big River Grille & Brewing Works

Disney Boardwalk Restaurant Location: Disney’s Boardwalk Villas

Disney’s first microbrewery offers pub-style food with a luxurious twist in a fun, family-friendly setting. Take advantage of the beautiful waterfront setting by relaxing with a handcrafted margarita on the outdoor patio or enjoy an award-winning brew in the indoor dining area. This is a great option if you’re looking to take an extended mid-day break from walking, or as a way to cap off the evening before heading back to your resort.

Beaches and Cream Soda Shop

If you’re looking for a casual, but highly popular restaurant on the Disney BoardWalk, try Beaches and Cream at Beach Club Resort. You can go to the walkup window, or make a reservation to try the full service with food at Beaches and Cream, and we love it! We love the nostalgia of the Atlantic seashore with delicious milkshakes, sundaes and more.

ESPN Zone, Disney Boardwalk – Closed

UPDATED: Disney has announced that the ESPN restaurant on the Disney Boardwalk will no longer be in operation. They have not stated what will be replacing this restaurant.

Disney Boardwalk Restaurant Location: Disney’s Boardwalk Inn

This ESPN restaurant on the Disney Boardwalk is the ultimate sports broadcast entertainment venue. Eat, drink, and cheer on your favorite teams at this classic American sports bar. This ESPN bar on the Disney Boardwalk is also known as the ESPN Club. Their sports-themed drinks and food menu will be sure to get you in the “zone” when you’re enjoying the “cheery” atmosphere.

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Things to Do at the Disney Boardwalk 2023


Outside of the amazing restaurants there are also some fun things to do at the Disney Boardwalk that you simply won’t be able to enjoy anywhere else in Disney World. It also doesn’t matter if you’re looking for the best things to do at the Disney Boardwalk for adults or trying to fill in some family fun time in between parks.

List of things to do at the Boardwalk Disney:

  • Surrey Bikes and Bicycles
  • Miniature Golf
  • Midway Games
  • Rent a boat and go fishing
  • Jellyrolls Dueling Piano Bar
  • Atlantic Dance Hall

Jellyrolls Dueling Piano Bar

Jellyrolls is a popular nightspot not only on the Walt Disney World Boardwalk, but in all of Orlando. The Boardwalk’s dueling pianos bar fills up fast, so make like Lightning McQueen and race over early to get a table. Meant for adults over 21, guests can have a drink and enjoy the musical stylings of a pair of piano prodigies. They take requests and can have you entertained all night long on their twin baby grand pianos. The players take turns showing off their talent and really get the crowd going. There is a cover charge to enter, and the Jellyrolls schedule is subject to change.

Atlantic Dance Hall

This Disney Boardwalk Dance Hall is a spacious dance venue featuring a DJ spinning favorites from the 70s through today’s hits. Tuesday through Saturday, guests over the age of 21 can dance the night away from 9PM to 2AM. There is no cover charge.

Surrey Bikes and Bicycles

For more family-friendly activities, Disney’s Boardwalk offers some fun transportation for all. Surrey bikes can fit two to four people, making a cruise along the banks of the Sassagoula River, the promenade by Barefoot Bay, or down a woodland trail. For single riders, bike rentals are available too!

Miniature Golf

Families looking for a little friendly competition, Disney has some of the most magical miniature golf courses in the country. Fantasia Miniature Golf is based off the classic magical Mickey movie, Fantasia, and consists of two courses; Fantasia Gardens and Fantasia Fairways. Fantasia Gardens features the staple gators, hippos in tutus, and dancing water fountains and broomsticks. This course it designed for families and beginning golfers. However, if you are up for the challenge of playing Fantasia Fairways, then you may need Mulan’s lucky cricket. This course was voted the longest and most challenging miniature golf course in the world by Golf Digest and features exaggerated contours, hazy water hazards, and tricky sand traps. Although difficult, it is a boat load of fun and makes for one of the best things to do at Disney’s Boardwalk. Both courses are tucked behind the Disney’s Boardwalk Dolphin Resort.

Midway Games

Although there is a short boardwalk games list, these can be fun for little ones looking to win classic Boardwalk games of chance. Prizes include stuffed animals!

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Rent a boat and go fishing

Rent a fishing or pontoon boat to go on your own leisurely cruise. Usually you’ll find motorized options for rent too, but they’re currently unavailable. You can also book a 2 or 4-hour fishing excursion at the Disney Boardwalk with all gear included. You’ll have to release every fish you catch, and you’ll find the most fish early in the morning. Kids 13 and under must wear a life jacket at all times. To reserve a time, call 407-WDW-BASS.

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2023 Disney World Boardwalk Shops


Although pretty much every hotel at the Disney Boardwalk Resort has a place to shop, there are some shops on Disney’s Boardwalk worth mentioning. Guests can buy anything from resort specific merchandise, to everyday essentials like medicine or sunscreen. There are also unique shops, like Wyland Galleries where guests can purchase one of a kid art pieces to remember their vacations.

Disney’s Character Carnival

Disney’s Boardwalk Location: Disney’s Boardwalk Villas

This is a great shop for some unique Disney character merchandise and general souvenirs. From houseware, to clothing and knick-knacks in between, you’ll be sure to find your perfect piece.

Thimbles and Threads

Disney’s Boardwalk Location: The Promenade

A more casual, “bare necessities,” convenience store-type place, it’s great for picking up a quick snack and has tons of Boardwalk merchandise you may not find anywhere else.

Wyland Galleries

Disney’s Boardwalk Location: Boardwalk Green

For art lovers looking for something unique to take home, this will be a shop you want to check out. Visitors are greeted by a centrally placed Wyland nine-foot bronze dolphin. Original artwork, sculptures and jewelry collectibles can be spotted here.


Disney’s Boardwalk Location: Boardwalk Green

Take a guess at what they’ve got here. That’s right, more sports merchandise! Super sports fans can grab ESPN-related logo products while they’re visiting.

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Disney World Boardwalk at Christmas 2023


This guide would not be complete without discussing the magic that is Christmas time in Disney. Disney always makes this time of year enchanting, and no matter where you go in Walt Disney World, you will be sure to see something spectacular. If you are in Disney during the holidays and have some time to stroll along Disney’s Boardwalk, they do something unique to see each year.

In the past, Disney’s Boardwalk Inn’s Bakery and Engineering team has created a life-size gazebo featuring Donald and Daisy, and has also featured Lilo & Stitch. There has also been a beautiful miniature model of the promenade at Disney’s Boardwalk. A gingerbread replica of the Boardwalk Bakery has been also been designed. Just the overall environment has a charming Christmas theme, and is worth checking out.

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2023 Disney Boardwalk FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Is there parking at Disney’s Boardwalk?

For those asking if you can park at Disney Boardwalk for free, the answer is yes! Self-parking is free for Disney guests, but valet is not. It’s also important to note that guests must have a valid hotel reservation or Disney restaurant reservation to park at the Disney Boardwalk. 

Q: Can anyone go to the Disney Boardwalk?

Yes! Just know that getting there is going to be the hardest part if you are not a registered guest staying at the Disney World Boardwalk.

Q. What are the Disney Boardwalk hours of operation?

Most of the Disney Boardwalk hours are from 8am-11pm. But, certain restaurants and bars are open until 2am.

When is The Best Time to Visit Disney World?

Our Disney  World Crowd Calendar is the best tool to help you get the most out of your time in the parks. We break down park crowds, park hours of operation, ticket prices, and average temperature. We also break down the best time to visit Disney World based on specific times of the year and special events.

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